In my otherwise very tight-knit neighborhood community, it is not uncommon for friends, neighbors, and relatives to walk casually around our development. Whether hand-in-hand, or alone with their pet animals, these walks provide those residents with a great opportunity to take in fresh air, all while enjoying the sights and sounds of each new season. Just as pumpkins are going out of style, they become replaced by Christmas decorations that are, at least for my family, displayed proudly throughout the inside and outside of our house. Nothing rings in the Christmas spirit more than taking the time out to decorate.

While some may only decorate the inside of their house, decorating your porch can be a great way to spend time with your own family during this cherished holiday season. Not to mention, whatever decorations you display on your front porch will be immediately visible to passer byes. Taking the time to decorate your porch, however simple or extravagant, can certainly leave an impression on those who are granted the opportunity to enjoy the warmth and joy radiating from your house.

Things You Will Need

  • General Cleaning Supplies
  • Cardboard or Plywood
  • Markers and Paint
  • Various Outside Christmas Decorations and Decor

Step 1

Prior to even attempting to decorate your porch for Christmas, it is important that you take initial measures to make sure it is at least somewhat clean and presentable. Front porches can come in all different shapes, sizes, and presentations, and, you ultimately want to have a clean basis for which to begin decorating. With the Christmas holiday season upon us, your pursuit of decorating your front porch may actually be a great time to render an annual cleaning.

In this step, you will want to use the cleaning supplies that best suite the actual surface material of your porch. If you have a wooden porch, a simple broom and mop with a hot bucket of water should suffice. Cob-webs can easily congregate in the corners of your porch, and, while suitable for Halloween, you may want to consider getting rid of them. Ideally, the best place to begin this process is by ensuring you have the cleanest baseline surface established to decorate on. If you don't have the time to clean, it really isn't a necessity, however, you may find the decorating process to be that much more fun and enjoyable if you know the overall pristine condition that your porch will be in prior to beginning.

Step 2

Once you have cleaned even the most nether regions of your porch, in this step, it may help to actually sit down with a pen, or pencil, and a piece of paper, and sketch out your front porch. With this baseline graphic, you can make duplicates so that you can doodle many different ideas of how you would ultimately like for your front porch to look. While some may just go on a whim with their decorating, doing this can help you organize and stay focused, especially if you have many elements to your front porch that you would like to see decorated.

For my family, tradition has actually made our front porch decorating seemingly second nature. As we extract all our Christmas decorating supplies from our attic, we know where we would like each individual piece to go. Whether we are decorating inside or outside, we have deliberately toned this process down to a very enjoyable science that we repeat year after year, although with the simple addition of new lights or various other products that must simply be replaced from prolonged use and generalized wear and tear.

Step 3

Briefly mentioned in Step 2, once you have consolidated all your Christmas decorations, and products, you should do what you can to make sure everything is fully functional and operable. Prior to hanging Christmas lights, you should really consider testing them, along with any larger scale standing decorations like lighted reindeer or Santa Clause. This may not be necessary for every Christmas decoration, however, you should at least do it prior to having to scale the side of your house to hang Christmas lights near your roof, and over your front porch.

Step 4

While it is easy to purchase Christmas decorations, and outdoor Christmas decor, at your nearest Wal-mart or a variety of other stores, your children may actually find it fun to engage in projects that can contribute to to the decorative appeal of your front porch. With your oversight and guidance, they can cut elaborate, Christmas-themed shapes, out of cardboard (Or, Plywood, with your help). These shapes can be made to look like stockings or snowmen, or any of a variety of Christmas type symbols, that can be hung near the door of your front porch.

Once you, or your children, have cut these shapes out, they can be colored or painted. Your children can be encouraged to be as creative as possible, and their finished product can be hung near your front door. Because of inclement whether, however, cardboard may not be the ideal candidate for long term use, especially if you hope to decorate with their finished products long after this Christmas has past. If you dare to venture to hang them anywhere else away from the safety of your front door, they may also succumb to the harshness of possible inclement weather.

Step 5

Dependent on the climate where you live, you may want to consider displaying potted plants that are congruent with the season. For Christmas time, generally the poinsettia is typically the most recognizable, and enjoyed, plant that emerges near the holiday season. You can decorate your front porch with a variety of these, or as many or as few as you'd like to display. They can simply be placed, in their pots on the ground, or they can be hung from your front porch, as well. Other than knocking over your pots, inclement weather really shouldn't cause any harm to the seasonal nature of the poinsettia.

There are many things that you can do to decorate your front porch for the Christmas holiday season. While the above list is just meant to give you a few basic ideas, if you think outside of the box you can think of some really great, fun, and creative ways to decorate that can integrate your entire family into the process.

Tips & Warnings

It is important to always remember safety in whatever you do while decorating your front porch.

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