If you have a few Beanie Babies lying around (and just about anyone alive during the 90's does, let's be honest), you've probably been wondering how much they're worth. After all, they are a collectible, and like all collectibles have some value to them. The trick is to figure out which ones are valuable, and which ones you might as well donate. But how do you do that?

Things You Will Need

Beanie Babies

Step 1

Before you go too far into your research, start by organizing. Make two piles of Beanie Babies; one pile that has the tags still attached and one pile that is missing the tags. This is because having the tag still attached is a great value boost, so it makes sense to tackle these first. If you have a lot of Beanie Babies (more than 40), it will help to organize them further. Break the piles down into perfect condition, good condition, and heavily used. Now you are ready to actually get started figuring out the individual values of all of them.

Step 2

To determine value, first get a notepad or piece of paper and write down the names of all of the Beanie Babies, and the year if you can (it will be on the tag). This will make it easier for you to keep track of which ones are most valuable without having to research all over again.

Step 3

Now just figure out which value source you're comfortable with. You can either find (and buy) a value guide from a local bookstore (if they have one), or you can use one of the websites that track values for all of the Beanie Babies. To be honest, websites are much easier to use because of their search features, and you can copy and paste all of the data quickly. They both provide the same information though, so it is really a matter of convenience. All that's left to do is look up the values of each one, and enjoy your cash if you decide to sell.


Tips & Warnings

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