You are here at Info Barrel because your ultimate goal is to make money. Not only do you want to make money, but you want to make a lot of it. Far be it from myself to guess, or imply, your article writing submission intentions, however, I am fairly certain that they are similar to just about every other Info Barrel member.

While some may equate their article writing passion to a Candyland-like misconception that they write strictly for "fun" or "because it makes them feel good", the truth of the matter is that 99.7% of dedicated freelance writers naturally gravitate specifically to the revenue producing potential of article submission, revenue sharing, website platforms like Info Barrel. To think otherwise is simply lying to yourself, and, that isn't the way to begin a process that I will prove is entrenched in deep thought, creativity, and a bit of knowledgeable scientific application that is founded on extensive research.

While the hints of embedded social networking functionality may certainly be appealing, every single bit of functionality that Info Barrel offers can be exploited to promote yourself, and your articles. Your ability to immediately, or, perhaps gradually, establish yourself as an Authority will be paramount in gaining the trust and loyalty of fellow members. Remember, however, that, at no time, should your level of conceitedness (even if you KNOW you are the best.) surpass your altruistic willingness to give back to the Info Barrel Community (or any community, for that matter). Because Info Barrel is fairly new on the article submission, revenue sharing, website scene, it is my firm and stork opinion that you have found no better time join such a massive, burgeoning community of like mind and, of course, varying skill sets. As a fellow passionate member of Info Barrel, this series of compiled articles will have the sole intent to bestow some of my own knowledge, and experience, onto you.

Fortunately, for many freelance writers, like myself, we have found that delicate, optimal, intersection between writing about topics that we are passionate about and doing it in such a way that produces substantial search engine visibility, and, of course, shared Google Adsense revenue. With over ten social media books now sprawled out over my bed, I made a vow to read them all, in their entirety, prior to initiating this series of powerful insights into how to dominate Info Barrel.

I just finished reading them all and will proceed accordingly.

To write articles merely for the sake of writing articles is a seriously misguided approach to the Info Barrel (or, any other article submission, revenue sharing, website, for that matter). While Info Barrel is my preferred article submission platform, my dedicated synthesis of personal experience, and expert advice, will provide a foundation, in my following series of articles that will help you learn how to essentially dominate just about any platform you decide to write for. Even though I have already predicted the demise of the eHow platform, you can apply many of these methods to your writing endeavors, however futile, to that website, as well.

Of course, if you are one of the .3% of writers that prefers to write Info Barrel articles strictly for the "warm and fuzzy" feeling that they elicit, than this series of articles probably isn't for you. With over 130+ articles currently written and submitted to the Info Barrel website platform, it wasn't until about around article number (#87), and miniscule Google Adsense earnings later, that I realized the significant flaws in my approach to the Info Barrel platform. (I knowI guess you could say I learned by trial and error.)

I learned the hard way, but, fortunately, for you, you don't have to. As I devoted myself whole-heartedly to prying open the brain's of those book's authors, several hundred dollars later, I can truly say that I am much better off after reading their expert advice and insights. In fact, in all humility, I saw my Google Adsense earnings jump so drastically, that I felt it only necessary and important to give back to this growing community. Rest assured, it is truly in all of our best interests for me to share these bits and pieces of recently acquired knowledge.

You may immediately wonder what I stand to benefit by publishing a series of articles related to my personal experiences, trials, tribulations, and enlightened successes, on Info Barrel. This curiosity is legitimate and justified and should not go unanswered. After all, does anyone ever really do anything for free? The truth is, even a fundamental Philosophy 101 class will teach you that just about all human behavior is tailored towards acting in one's own benefit, or self-interest. The preservation of life and survival are at the fore front of the drive to make money and better one's self for a variety of reasons. In context of this article, just know that I share this knowledge simply sharing this knowledge will benefit the overall community, which will benefit me, as well.

There is no shame in sharing this information. In fact, the success of us all is directly correlated to the success of the Info Barrel community, as a whole. For this reason, I make no reservations in sharing even the most subtle and intricate ways that I have utilized external tools, and resources, in conjunction with Info Barrel, to benefit myself through increased advertisement exposure, and subsequent, earnings influx.

This Info Barrel article series will be a beautiful, and necessary, synthesis and aggregation of a wealth of knowledge that has blossomed as a result of those personal experiences of failures, mistakes, successes, and triumphs. As briefly alluded to earlier, with Info Barrel's eventual surpassing of the eHow platform, this collection of articles couldn't come at a better time. In fact, in casual web surfing and exploration, I have noticed fundamental flaws with the business plans, and structure, of just about every nearest Info Barrel competitor. You're being here isn't by chance, and, with that, in my following articles, I will show you exactly how I have dominated Info Barrel.

Unfortunately, however, I cannot guarantee that you will ever even see these article masterpieces. For this reason, I would like to invite you to "Subscribe to My Feed", as well as, join my Info Barrel Facebook group. An added incentive to you is that I have structured this group specifically to allow for your promotion of all your Info Barrel articles. Follow the rules, and post your articles in the designated thread categories, and we can all live in harmony over there. With that said, stay tuned for the remainder of this series of Info Barrel articles!