Just like most websites, in order for Info Barrel to remain an engaging leader, which is quickly ascending to the forefront of the online article submission website industry, it must have a system of achievements in place. These achievements essentially work to incentivize user activity, and encourage continual participation from those dedicated writers who they hope to become further involved and interact with growing, safeguarding, and editing, the Info Barrel website.

Even though I have been a member of Info Barrel for only a short time, I did have a bit of an advantage of having quite a repertoire of already completed, hand-written, articles that I could simply submit and upload to their website. While one may think that all these incentivized achievements hinge strictly on one's ability to write the most articles, that just simply isn't the case.

While obtaining an Info Barrel achievement may not be quite as glorious as a Spartan Warrior Child's return from enduring a brutal winter alone, these achievements will quickly identify you as a thoughtful contributor to the Info Barrel Community. Much like a soldier's medals, these achievements will permanently become a lasting part of your Info Barrel persona. As you engage in a continual process of writing, commenting on, and editing the article writings of other Info Barrel members, you will find yourself gradually overcoming the required milestone criteria necessary to earn each particular achievement.

Things You Will Need

an Info Barrel Account
a Passion for Writing

Step 1

While slightly generic in context, I would be doing this awesome website a disservice if I were not to initiate detailing this Info Barrel achievement earning process with a motivated cry for user participation. There are several achievements detailed in this article, however, you must become an active member in the Info Barrel community in order to stand a chance at earning them.

For each of the fourteen (14) Info Barrel achievements currently available for you to earn, as of 13Sept2009 (the date of my writing of this article), they will all require a progressive, yet varying, degree of user participation in, and interaction with, the Info Barrel website. While these achievements are 'technically' just elaborate badges of HTML code, they do carry with them a degree of weight that is visible to other members, or external users, whenever they pass by your article(s). This expressed dedication, and interest, in the Info Barrel community can translate into even greater trust in you, your writing, and whatever niche(s) you choose to carve out with your quality article content writing.

Step 2

When you click on "My Info Barrel" in the upper right corner of your screen, you will be directed to a page that has your established profile information, picture, as well as, a detailed 'news-feed' type list of all your subscriptions of fellow Info Barrel members. These 'subscriptions' are essentially writings of other members that you have elected to receive, as they become published, because, at some time you were interested in the general quality of their writing. To the upper right corner of that display, you can see your all of your earned Info Barrel achievements.

Don't be discouraged if you do not have very many achievements at this time. Everyone has to start somewhere, but, as you continually interact with the Info Barrel community, you should gradually meet the requirements of these various achievements. Just about every action from writing articles to commenting other Info Barrel users will be added to your progression towards these achievements. When you have met each given achievement's criteria, your badge will become fully colored rather than cloudy and subdued in nature.
Info Barrel achievements can help solidify your persona, and reputation, as a dedicated contributor to the Info Barrel community. Coupled with quality, personable article content, you can really exert a positive influence over fellow members. By earning these achievements, you may inspire others to do the same. When they do this, they will be contributing to the community as a whole which, ultimately, will benefit everyone involved because Info Barrel will gain an even higher page rank and lend to even greater visibility of all of our articles in the search engines.

Tips & Warnings

"Patience is a Virtue" because "Rome wasn't built in a day". You won't earn all these achievements in one day, however, your gradual participation in the Info Barrel community will be met in acquiring these achievements. Focus on writing quality article content, and giving quality comments to your fellow users, and you will have no problem earning these achievements, with time.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....