It was always my dream to write a book.

My second dream was to find a way to get people to read it, while making it easily accessible to all, while being low in price. Not only that, but I had wanted any book I wrote to be extremely helpful to others.

I didn't just write a "book". In collaboration with another high-earning Info Barrel writer, over 6 months, we managed to write an entire Info Barrel Course!

Unfortunately, figuring out just how much to "price" it has been extremely difficult. With each day, our inboxes received emails from everyone from lawyers and doctors, to those with absolutely no ability to pay. While we have sold many copies of our Info Barrel Success course for various prices as high as $97, we have also given many many copies away for free.

We don't expect acclaim or Praise.

We did, however, brainstorm very creative ways that we could allow any one to receive our course, at a VERY low price.

After maintaining a high degree of transparency, while we wrote up to 18 very lengthy course 'status updates' over it's 6 months of development, AND being approached by some of the most influential bloggers online, we have decided to venture onto a website called to help us achieve our goals in distribution of our product.

By doing this, we are able to satisfy many of our Goals:
  1. We are now able to give access to our Course to absolutely anyone. From those doctors and lawyers with a passion for writing, to those who may have very little ability to pay anything.
  2. Having created our course to naturally progress in technicality and difficulty, by offering it on, we believe we are offering you the opportunity to proceed at your own pace.
  3. If you are NOT satisfied with our first book, you simply do not have to purchase any more.
  4. If you are satisfied with our first book, this system will afford you the opportunity to purchase as you naturally grow and progress in your abilities on Info Barrel.
  5. We would like to foster a relationship with you, which, we believe, should be a natural process as you consume, and benefit, from all the products that we spent 6 months researching and putting together.
  6. With a system that allows buyers to provide instant feedback, it is our hope that will also provide a degree of "Social Proof" of the effectiveness of our Info Barrel Success course, as we (hope) to continually produce satisfied buyers who are able to use our system to greatly excel, and multiply their earnings, on Info Barrel.
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Here Is How This Will Work:
  • Because our Course was inherently planned to grow WITH you as you naturally progress in skill and ability, purchase will follow the sequence listed on the RIGHT-hand side (of the below picture)
  • As you apply, benefit, and are (hopefully) happy with each book, you can quickly and easily purchase the next installment of our course via We really hope that this very-thought out process will faciliate a relationship between YOU and us.
  • Purchase can be made directly through, via PayPal.
  • Even though we will certainly help, on the Info Barrel forum, with any questions you may have, the culminating product of our course has been made our "Time", which you will receive in the form of a high degree of lifetime technical support from TWO very high earning Info Barrel Writers.
  • If you would rather purchase this course in mass, you can easily do so on on our Warrior Forum WSO thread. There, you can also read some of the outstanding reviews our course has received! IF you purchase through our arrangement, you will receive the course at a discounted price with $5 Sales, for each Book and Bonus, that occur over time. There are benefits to both payment arrangements.
  • Even if you choose not to purchase our course, we do highly encourage you to "subscribe to our Info Barrel Feeds" AND learn what you can from our massive database of articles. Many of our Info Barrel articles have been written with the sole purpose of providing great thoughts, methods, and strategies to ultimately benefit the Info Barrel Community.
  • As per's TOS (Terms of Service), all files will be sent to you (in .PDF Format, dependent on where you are in your progression through our Course), via Fiverr's internal email/messaging system. Upon receipt, and consumption, of each file, you will be given the opportunity to leave feedback on the transaction and product. With each book, it would be an absolute honor to have you leave a comment/feedback for us! Thank YOU! If we had helped you at all, whether to just learn something new or actually increase your Info Barrel earnings, we would LOVE to hear about it and what you think!
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(If you have had a good experience reading, and applying, our course, it would be an absolute honor to tell us about your experience below! Thank you!)