While many have been fortunate enough to completely evade the silencing blow of a speeding ticket, others, like myself, have had the unpleasant feeling of having their heart sink down to their ankles when the seizure inducing alternation of red and blue lights suddenly goes off on the trailing vehicle. With fingers crossed, you can only hope that the suspected violator was either in front of you, or behind you, and was going at least a mile faster than you were. In this Info Barrel article, I will pick up my how to get out of a speeding ticket instruction immediately at that point: where all the elements of such a seemingly formal process immediately conflict with deep human feelings and emotions.

Even though I never advise breaking the law, you can definitely lessen your chances of getting a speeding ticket by applying the following steps to your ensuing encounter with a law enforcement official. Just remember, even after the sirens begin to go off, and you are directed to pull off to the side of the road, your fate isn't, by any means, written in stone. In the event that you do actually get a speeding, there are also several steps and ideas that I have integrated into the process, in this article, that will help you possibly lessen the monetary expense of your ticket, or, even better, have it completely removed from your record.

Things You Will Need

Communication Skills
a Car

Step 1

While this article isn't necessarily about 'avoiding' or 'evading' a speeding ticket, it is important to know that for every action there will be some sort of consequence. Whether you parked illegally, or were caught smuggling marijuana across the border, many are familiar with the degree of consequences that relate to particular negative actions, at least here in the United States. Even though a speeding ticket, in and of itself, won't land you in jail for years, dependent upon how many miles per hour (MPH) over the speed limit you were driving, could correlate to a pretty hefty monetary fine.

The 'moment of truth', so to speak, will be unveiled in your ensuing interaction with the police officer who pulled you over. Even though many have been slapped with a rather hefty monetary fine, the way by which you handle yourself, and maintain your composure, will determine just how likely this police officer will be to show you mercy and give you a 'get out of jail' free card. As you continue to read this Info Barrel article, just remember that, no matter how entrenched in formality that your encounter with an issuing police officer may be, if you display respect and courteousness, you just may stand a chance of completely evading your speeding ticket.

Step 2

So, the alternating vision of blue and red lights have clearly targeted you, and your speeding Red Ford Mustang, as one of its very first victims of the day. While red cars have been found to be statistically pulled over, and subjected to speeding tickets, more often than normal cars, you shouldn't let this simple fact scare you or make your loose your composure. As you gradually decelerate, and guide your car safely to the side of the road, or highway, it is important to conduct this action in a very smooth manner.

Continuing to drive, in this scenario, won't buy you any brownie points. In fact, in the event that you do anything that requires a police officer to call for 'back-up', you can just about kiss away any chances or opportunities to get out of your speeding ticket. It will be at that moment when you have really made the police officer angry, and he will utilize all the resources available to him to hammer you with the most strict penalty and monetary fine that he can.

Beyond maintaining your composure, if you have an opened can of beer in your car, now may be the time to hide it. While you should never ever consider driving drunk, if you are ever caught in this situation, you have bigger problems on your hands than your impending speeding ticket. This is precisely why your behavior before, and during, will speak volumes to the police officer, and will oftentimes be reflected in how your composure is maintained throughout your encounter.

Your attitude will be the most important asset/resource that you have in this encounter. By speeding, you have already made the police officer unhappy, therefore, you should do all you can to avoid making him even worse. Showing anger, or instigation, never ever helped anyone increase their chances with leniency in decades, so, the chances are unlikely that it will begin with you. No matter how big of a puppy face you make, or bat your eyes, there is something to be said about someone who simply maintains their composure in a clearly stressful time, and doesn't display anger or hostile traits and intentions.

Step 3

In this step, as you come to a gradual stop on the side of the road, you will want to turn on your car's external 4-way lights. For police officers, who are patrolling massive highways at night, one can understand how they can feel incredible stress and tension with each ensuing encounter. It is at this time where all a cop's worst nightmares and fears could become a reality at the hands of a drunk, angry, person who was pulled over only for a simple speeding ticket. The last thing you, or the cop, wants to occur is an all out wild-west showdown in the middle of Highway 22 or Interstate 81.

For this reason, it is important to do all that you can to alleviate any tension that the police officer may be experiencing himself (or herself). They are people too, and if you can immediately show, in your actions and composure, that they should have no fear in an encounter with you, than that will more than likely display you in a positive manner. While you may not be completely in their good graces, these actions at least help to display and establish a degree of rapport and mutual trust.

By putting you hand on your steering wheel, in plain, unimpeded, site of the police officer, they can rest assured that you won't be pulling anything funny. The last thing a police officer wants to see is for you to make an awkward movements or gestures with your hands and/or body. Even if done in completely sincerity, engaging in movements like reaching under your seat, or to the back of your car, may cause the police officer to become nervous and result in deteriorating rapport and trust long before you even have your encounter.

I have read that some people advise to do everything you possibly can to show that you are at the complete will and control of the police officer who pulled you over. By declaring him to have the power, you are showing respect for his position and his authority. Acting in this manner will buy you even more brownie points in the general scheme of things.

Step 4

As you turn off your car's engine, and slowly place your hands on your steering wheel, it is still important that you continue to maintain your composure. While others may say differently, I would actually advise against looking for your license, registration, and proof of insurance, at least until the police officer has come to a complete stop positioned right in front of your window. Dependent upon how cluttered your vehicle is, and how organized you are in general, it may actually take you a few minutes to find each of these items.

While you should always know where they are, and have easy access to them, the police officer usually doesn't have to be anywhere and might not mind waiting at all. Personally, I think this is a better alternative than showing vigorous movements to find them, inside your car, as the police officer slowly approaches. Although I won't recommend it, I have had friends who have utilized the infamous "Bee" trick, which involves opening up your car door, with your hands waving vigorously overhead, as you shout "there's a Bee in my car!" repeatedly. While this may gain you some sympathy with the issuing police officer, you may have to explain how this occurrence relates to your going 30 miles over the speed limit for the last 10 miles.

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