The right patio furniture set can influence how much time you spend outdoors. A well-decorated, comfortable patio could serve as a reading area, or thanks to wireless Internet, a work station on nice days. However, in order to make your patio work for you, it needs to be comfortable and attractive, which you can accomplish with the right patio furniture set. Fortunately, buying a patio set does not have to present a challenge. Patio furniture is available in four main types, so you can choose a set according to your personal style.

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Wicker Patio Furniture Sets

 When it comes to outdoor wicker furniture, you can find sets made of all-weather and regular wicker. If your patio is covered and your furniture will be protected from the elements, consider regular wicker furniture. In contrast, if your set will be exposed to the rain, make sure you choose an all-weather wicker set. Choosing the Right Patio Furniture Set(113343)

All-weather wicker sets are easy to maintain. Simply hose it off once or twice a month to keep it clean. To clean regular wicker furniture, use your vacuum, a damp cloth or a soft bush.

Wood Patio Furniture

As with any type of furniture, you want to get the most for your buck. If you are a nature lover and like to keep things natural looking, wood furniture will likely be your best choice. Although patio furniture is available in various types of woods, there are certain features you should look for regardless of your choice.

For example, choose furniture manufactured from center-cut heartwood lumbar. The wood should contain a consistent grain. Moreover, choose a patio set built with stainless steel or zinc-plated screws. The reason for this is that you can tighten the screws if they become loose, or replace them if they fall off.

Hardwood Patio Furniture Sets: If your budget is not a factor when it comes to choosing a patio set, teak outdoor furniture is likely your best choice. Although one of the most expensive types of wood furniture, it is also among the most durable. It is not uncommon for outdoor teak patio furniture to last 50 years or more. Another positive feature about teak wood is that it is low maintenance. To maintain its natural color, simply apply teak oil at least once a year.

Hardwood furniture is also manufactured from Australian Jarrah. This is another type of wood that will last for many years, even decades. The wood's characteristics include warm, reddish tones. Choosing a patio furniture set made from jarrah wood is a practical way to create warmth and coziness in your patio.

Soft Wood Patio Sets: Outdoor patio sets are also available on the market in soft woods, such as pine and cedar. Keep in mind that unpainted and untreated soft wood furniture will turn light gray. Although soft woods are easier to get marks on, you can still enjoy your outdoor furniture for years.

Patio sets made out of pressure-treated pine are likely the least expensive, while cedar furniture is a bit pricier.

Metal Outdoor Patio Furniture Sets

Wrought Iron Sets: Outdoor patio furniture is also manufactured from metals such as cast iron (wrought iron), aluminum and cast aluminum. Within the metal category of patio furniture, wrought iron furniture is the priciest. On the other hand, it is also extremely durable and versatile.

Wrought iron furniture can also be used indoors, depending on your decorating style. If you prefer a traditional decorating style, metal furniture might be your best option. This type of furniture is generally available in black, green or white. You can add comfort and color with seat cushions.

Scrolls and elaborate designs typically characterize this type of furniture. The more detail and intricate design involved, the higher the price.

Because wrought iron is heavy, it is a perfect choice if you live in a windy area. Nonetheless, its weight also makes it more difficult to move. Its weight is another factor to consider when choosing a patio furniture set. If you live in a second- or third-floor apartment, you will need help to transport it.

Aluminum Outdoor Furniture: Unlike wrought iron furniture, cast aluminum patio sets are much lighter and more affordable. Price often depends on design and where you purchase your set. Sets purchased at specialty stores are typically higher in price. You can find aluminum outdoor furniture in traditional and contemporary styles.

Patio sets are also manufactured from extruded aluminum. Tubular aluminum is generally used to manufacture extruded aluminum furniture. The furniture pieces are lightweight and easy to move and transport. If you have limited patio space and you are looking for a furniture set that you can fold and put away after using it, an extruded aluminum set might be a good fit for you.

Retro Metal Furniture: If you like to shop at garage sales or flea markets, you might run into a retro patio set. The chair's back is generally characterized by a fan-like design. If you find a good bargain and would like to take advantage of it, simply apply a coat of rust-resistant paint in a modern color.

Resin Patio Furniture

Resin furniture is often the outdoor furniture of choice for individuals who are concerned about the environment and look for green alternatives. Resin furniture is manufactured by using nonporous recycled plastics. The material will not deteriorate, even when exposed to the elements, except for freezing temperatures. You can use it indoors or outdoors. Affordability, durability, comfort and versatility are some of the advantages of buying resin furniture.

In summary, it is possible to create a warm, cozy environment outdoors. Your patio is an extension of your home. The furniture and decorations you choose are a reflection of your personality and decorating style. Regardless of your budget, you can find a patio set to fit your style. You can often find bargains at thrift stores, garage sales or on sites like craigslist. With this in mind, why not create a comfortable seating area outdoors with the right patio furniture set?

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