It's truly unfortunate that, oftentimes, the revenue producing capabilities of websites like Squidoo, Facebook, MySpace, and Info Barrel, are viewed in isolation of one another. Even though they are really quite massive communities, in and of themselves, one can significantly increase their revenue generating potential by using these particular websites in conjunction, in order to complement one another.

If you do this right, you can drive incredible amounts of sales, exposure and traffic to your article(s), businesses, and/or ventures. This article will be written based on my own personal experience(s) utilizing all of these particular websites in conjunction.

Firstly, unlike my first paragraph, one needs to realize the inherent potential of each one of these Social Networks in isolation. In fact, while this article could be expounded to include many remarkable, and deserving, websites, these are the websites that you can use in conjunction with one another. Not only does linking back and forth to your own articles, from each of your profiles, incur a greater search engine optimization (SEO) value, but it also establishes you as an authority, in your chosen niche, while you exert an influence over those who are interested in what you have to talk about (Your Info Barrel, or Squidoo Articles).

Secondly, you should set up accounts with Facebook, Info Barrel and Squidoo. Squidoo and Info Barrel will be invaluable resources by which you can easily link all your Info Barel articles, and squidoo lenses together. These websites will be the mechanism that turns your thoughtful writing into profit, regardless of how well you have mastered search engine optimization. Facebook, and MySpace, can definitely be used to promote your Squidoo Lenses and Info Barrel articles, and you should do everything you can to do that!

Thirdly, you must realize that Facebook's groups' platform allows you to exert a tremendous influence over Facebook's massive Global user base. Should you succeed in influencing your friends that your Facebook group is worthwhile of joining, and inviting their friends to, you can achieve a viral status that is extremely compatible with your thoughtful link placement of your Squidoo Lenses and Info Barrel articles.

Had you created a Squidoo Lens, or Info Barrel Article, about the health benefits of chocolate, linking back and forth to an Info Barrel article written on the same topic, this subject would be welcomed as a resource, rather than spam, had you decided to display these links on your Facebook Group entitled '1,000,000 Chocolate Lovers Worldwide'.

Fourthly, you need to write about what you love. Whether you are a registered nurse, or a car mechanic, chances are that you have some skilled insight that others can benefit from. There is value in your knowledge. It's an untapped resource, however, the tricky part is getting people to read this writing. Writing articles on Info Barrel, and publishing lenses on Squidoo, affords you this opportunity that you can utilize MySpace and Facebook, in conjunction, to exploit.

At first, this may seem like alot to navigate, however, it truly is in your best interest to establish yourself as an expert on all of these Social Networks concurrently, rather than on just one alone.

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