Embedded within the many features of the Facebook social networking platform, and phenomena, is a mildly neglected functionality that users have clearly underutilized. Users seemingly underestimate the inherent potential of Facebook groups' platform as a very powerful marketing and promotional tool.

This article will be just one, of many, articles written on this same topic, and founded upon my own personal experience utilizing Facebook groups' platform in this manner, in order to promote myself, my website, and my Info Barrel articles. (My Facebook group currently has over 250,000+ members, with 300-500 new members joining daily, as evidenced by the growth statistics I have taken for quite some time now!)

Firstly, you must survey the climate, layout, and execution of current Facebook groups, as created by other users. Unfortunately, many Facebook users underestimate the value of Facebook groups' Platform by creating a group, and simply letting it lie stagnant, rather than nurture it.

Learn from these already established Groups. Pay close attention to all the elements of their Facebook Group, to include: their Group Title, Description, number of members, and any evidence of SPAM.

Secondly, you must create your own Facebook group. At this step, it is imperative that your Facebook group's title, and theme, be as generic, or universally appealing, as possible. By this,your Facebook group shouldn't be directly about the product, or service, that you would like to Promote.

Instead, more interest will be garnered in your products, and services, if your Facebook Group has a general theme, and title. For example, had you wanted to sell books, through Amazon, about "Love", it may not be such a bad idea to begin a group with the title "1,000,000 Strong for Lovers Worldwide".

Can you imagine how many different, useful, books you could promote on the subject of car repair, if your group was entitled "1,000,000 Car Lovers Worldwide United!".

Thirdly, you must realize your power. Facebook has really afforded great power, and control, to those who know how to effectively grow, nurture, and develop their Facebook group. As a group creator, and administrator, you can exert a tremendous influence over your group members. Any Links you provide, when coupled with a genuine desire to help other group members, will be immediately viewed, and accepted, as a resource, rather than as spam.

Many Facebook users will forever spam their products, services, or Info Barrel Articles by placing direct clickable links on a variety of other Facebook groups. These links are largely ignored, and for just reason. By having your own Facebook group, you are afforded an awesome opportunity to draw people to you, and exert your influence. Your Info Barrel Articles can serve as a much-welcomed resource to your growing Facebook group.

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