Years of Military service have taught me the value of many things, to include the importance of making a bunk bed well. While this skill is typically reserved for such training environments like Basic Combat Training, it has a clear application for young children, as well. Unfortunately, the height of a young child could serve as a mild hindrance, especially when adults can simply reach to the height of the bunk bed to make their beds.

Even still, this is a skill that young children can master, as well, because, quite often, they share a bunk bed with a friend, or a fellow sibling.

Firstly, Bunk beds come in all shapes, sizes, and configurations. For this reason, it is essential to always ensure safety, especially if a young child is the one who will be making the top Bunk. Little concern should be had when making a bottom bunk bed, however the elevation of the top bunk may place a young child at undue risk when they are navigating their step-ladder to the top. Of course, some bunk beds may not even have a step-ladder.

Secondly, gather up all the supplies needed for the making of your bunk bed. In order to save yourself from having to continually climb up, and down, the step ladder, if a child will be making the bed, one should consider placing all of their bed making supplies on top of the actual top-bunk mattress prior to making their bed. In order to ensure safety, you want to do as little bending over as you possibly can.

Thirdly, dependent on the placement of the top-bunk, in a child's room, a bunk bed may be harder, or easier to make. For a bunk bed that is situated next to a wall, it may be difficult for a second person to navigate behind it, in order to assist with the bed-making procedure.

For a top-bunk bed that has open space, which will allow for free movement on all sides, a second person can easily assist with the next step in this process.

Lastly, if you have a soft mattress pad, or covering, you can now utilize two (or one) person to place it on the mattress. If a young child is to do this, in order to ensure safety, I highly recommend that they have parental supervision, especially when operating from such high heights.

If parents would like to make the bed, in this step, it is a great idea to allow a young child to become as involved in the process as possible, if that means just placing pillow cases on the pillow. This will make them feel good, and allowing them to do such a simple task will provide a strong foundation for a number of tasks that they will learn to master in their lives.

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