Recently, Facebook users have become increasingly attracted to the inherent functionality of Facebook's groups' platform. Whether a member's intent is to create a Facebook group in order to organize a group around a common purpose, or to further use it for marketing or promotional reasons, Facebook has afforded a group's creator quite a bit of functionality that is really quite difficult to find anywhere else.

Regardless of what your purpose is for creating a Facebook Group, a commonality amongst most Facebook Group creators is a deep-founded desire to see their group be successful, and thrive, while continually appealing to the audience for which it is directed towards. Like many of my other articles that I've written about the benefits of the Facebook Platform this article will also reference my 250,000+ Facebook Group.

(If you are interested in making Money, or promoting your Info Barrel article(s), you may find Steps #6-#10 particularly helpful!)

Firstly, it is highly recommended that you do a little exploratory research through Facebook's database of groups in order to accomplish a variety of things. You can learn alot about how other Facebook group creators have approached everything from the handling of spam, to the allocation of additional admins and officers, to any websites, and/or link placements that they may have strategically placed in their Facebook group in order to serve as a 'resource'.

By conducting a simple group search with keywords like 'largest' or 'million' you can elicit quite a few results that may be deserving of your consideration. You should visit these groups and learn from the group creator's successes, and failures.

Secondly, you must take the research you discovered in the first step of this process, and begin constructing a solid, yet appealing, foundation for your Facebook group. Oftentimes, Facebook members eagerly, and over-zealously, rush to create a group, while forgetting why they are doing it in the first place. Some may create a Facebook group founded around an inside joke that would really only appeal to small percentage of their closest friends.

If you are interested in gaining traffic, and greater exposure, to your newest Info Barrel article, website, blog, or Squidoo Lens, it is imperative that you utilize all the functionality of Facebook's Groups' Platform to its maximum. The next steps in this process are critical to your Facebook Group creation success!

Thirdly, because your Facebook group title and logo are such critical aspects of your Facebook group creation success, they should be inherently tied together. By this, it is meant that your group title should be thoughtfully, and creatively, integrated into your Facebook Group logo.

Through the inherent functionality of Facebook's newsfeed, it is important for your Facebook group Name/title, and logo, to be very appealing, because all your friends, and their friends, will be exposed to it as each of their friends joins your group. Achieving a viral status for your group isn't easy, however, it is possible.

Fourthly, you must realize that, while some Facebook groups may seek thousands upon thousands of group members, other groups may have been formed specifically for no more than to be a meeting ground for 30 or 40 people who simply share the same interest. Understanding this fact is critical, and will give you further insight into how to manage and nurture your Facebook group.

If you would like to make money with your Facebook Group, it is imperative that you not limit yourself, or your Group's Goal. While you researched other groups in step #1, you should have gained insight into many Facebook Groups that have successfully achieved a viral status by simply being founded on a unique, yet engaging, theme that resonates highly with some trend that is common, and understood by a multitude of people.

In the naming of your group, and creation of your group LOGO, you should certainly strive to make be as 'generic' and widely-understood, as possible. Facebook members are real people sitting behind real computers, and, for that reason, Groups that are established around commonalities like using a cell phone to see in the dark, or banning homework, typically tend to ignite a spark of passion in those who are exposed to them.

Fifthly, in order to achieve a viral status for your Facebook Group, you essentially need to 'sell' your group to people. While making it as appealing as possible, you need to structure it in such a way that Facebook members will want to join it, rally around your cause, and invite their friends.

Should you succeed in achieving a viral status with your Facebook group, the potential is near endless from a marketing and promotional standpoint. Although rarely documented, there are many Facebook group creators who have capitalized significantly off of their Facebook groups.

Sixthly, your Facebook group can have 100 members, or a 1,000,000 members, but if you are unable to capitalize off of it, then it might not be quite as 'Killer' as you had intended. While a combination of your group title, LOGO, and Group description are pieces of a complex puzzle of success, one must also understand the revenue generating potential of Facebook Groups' Platform.

You can make money in a variety of ways with Facebook groups.

Seventhly, Facebook's groups' platform inherently allows direct clickable link placements, that many may not realize, and, if they have realized it, they haven't taken full advantage of this potential. While you utilize your Facebook group to draw like-minded people to you, around a specific cause, as a group's creator you can exert a significant amount of influence.

With that said, you can translate this influence into siginificant monetization, if you execute the next step correctly!

Eighthly, There are many revenue-generating avenues available to a Facebook group creator, and all of them are compatible, in some way, with Facebook's groups' platform. This is tremendous news, however, very few people understand how to make this work without seeming like they are Spamming or infringing on people in some way or fashion.

By setting up affiliations, through popular affiliate networks like Linkshare (one of my Favorites!) and/or Amazon, you can gain immediate access to a variety of affiliate programs. These affiliate programs are run by companies, whose products span the gauntlet of categories and niches.

Had you created a Facebook group about helping people fix problems at home, it would be very easy to integrate an affiliate link placement to a company like Home Depot. In response to a question posted on your group's wall, you can genuinely respond with an answer, and a product recommendation, through an affiliate link, in order to help address their need.

Ninthly, it is imperative that you utilize your 'Group's Description' and 'Recent News' sections as much as possible. As the group creator, you can include direct, clickable, general reference links to your eHow articles or to your Squidoo Lenses. Of course, these would be intentionally tailored to falling directly in sync with the general theme of your Facebook Group.

Had you created a Facebook Group entitled '1,000,000 People Worldwide who Love to Cook', you can rest assured that any new visitors/members of your group would be more than willing to read a compilation of aHow article links you had posted that specifically address issues pertaining to cooking: recommended devices or products to use for food preparation, etc.

Lastly, Facebook has been extremely generous to allow a Facebook group creators to post direct click-able outside links into their 'Groups' Description' and 'Recent News' sections. If you are to do this, the links you provide need to be relevant to your group's general theme, and the audience it hopes to attract.

If you do this, any affiliate-type links you post will be embraced with open arms, by your avid group members, as more of a 'resource', rather than as Spam. It is imperative that you ensure that you make the most out of the page you redirect your group's members to. This means that it should be a high-quality content page, with useful tips, and, of course, ample opportunities for monetization.

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