Your overwhelming resolve to make a massive Facebook group may emerge for a variety of reasons. With Facebook being the largest, most influential, form of online social media, I can't blame you one iota for deciding to pursue such a monumental endeavor. Be forewarned, however, because many have attempted to do this very thing, only with varying results. Your success with creating your Facebook group will be directly correlated to your passion, as well as, your ability to continually influence, and leave a lasting impression on, the massive global community that the Facebook platform affords.

With several massive Facebook groups already established, not only will this article, and my many other complementary Info Barrel articles, show you how to make a Facebook group, but they will also teach you about what it takes to develop, nurture, and maintain the viral nature of your group in a manner that ultimately benefits yourself. Bear in mind, however, that you can utilize your Facebook group(s) to benefit everything from your latest affiliate conquest, to your own website and sale of your latest product(s) or service(s).

Up until this point, you may be vaguely familiar with the massive online success of several viral Facebook groups. Don't be fooled, however, by what immediately seems like a plethora of limited functionality that is present on each of these Facebook groups. From the likes of the popular Steven T. Colbert (the comedian) Facebook group, to the Facebook group that displays the everpresent need to use a cell phone to see one's way in the dark to the outright advocates of the permanent banning of homework, many of these groups have been created by passionate teenagers. With a simple goal in mind, they have all successfully utilized the viral nature of their Facebook groups to extend an influence on a massive global population. Unfortunately, there is quite another aspect to the development, and nurturing, of Facebook groups, that may go unnoticed by such a young population.

With all capitalistic thinking and intentions aside, these particular teenagers may have created their respective Facebook groups simply to gain attention, or popularity, amongst their peers. As a clear group of established 'trend setters', it is true that they have been able to do what very few Facebook users are able to do: rally an insane amount of people around one massive, unifying, theme. Much to the dismay of many online marketers/advertisers, these youngsters have seemingly missed out on an early opportunity that those marketers would have exploited to its fullest.

In the name of providing some semblance of community functionality, it is my firm opinion that the Facebook platform needed to address its global audience of user's passion and desire for interaction and commonality. While this functionality is inherently limited, the Facebook website platform does offer just enough functionality to allow extreme capitalization and monetization by group creators. If they are able to achieve a gradual, yet controlled, viral growth, these Facebook groups can be leveraged, and further exploited, to draw significant amount of traffic. With the current functionality of Facebook groups' platform, one can also utilize that traffic to further their own endeavors.

Ultimately, the most benefit can be seen when a Facebook group creator is able to architect their product, service, or website to align with the general theme of their Facebook group. While doing this is not always possible, imagine the traffic you could gain to your nursing mother's forum if you had begun a Facebook group that's general theme is geared towards unifying pregnant mothers worldwide. Nurses may welcome a direct clickable link to a nurses' forum, displayed in the group description of a Facebook group, as more of a resource, rather than intentional SPAM. Because Facebook's Groups' platform has the power to essentially exert an influence over a massive global population, or at least your chosen niche, if you are creative and persuasive enough, the potential for exploitation is near unlimited as you draw people to yourself.

In alignment with my own personal experience, I have utilized the above technique, with my own massive Facebook group, to draw over 400 new members to my forum in just under a week's time. Because of the inherent limited functionality of Facebook group's platform, rather than deny that fact, I marketed my website forum as essentially an "external community". Because my Facebook group exemplified a similar theme, just by providing a direct clickable link to my forum's description, I was able to gain significant interest as many Facebook users, of like mind, were drawn to the same group and community. As new members visited my Facebook group, the viral nature has continued to gain this group roughly 300-500 new members every day, consistently, for the last 2 years.

With slow, gradual, viral growth, I have been able to leverage this group to build my external forum, as well as, promote other companies and charities that are related to the general theme of my group. Unfortunately, these successes did not come without creativity, and a lot of ingenuity. Primarily, working within Facebook's terms of service was the trickiest thing, however, there are many ways that you can utilize Facebook's platform in order to promote yourself, or your Facebook group. While you may consider establishing a low budget advertising campaign, for either impressions-based(CPM) or per click-based (PPC) advertising, this way of growing your Facebook group is effective, however, it will cost money.

While you may find yourself constantly relying on incoming members to send invitations to their friends, and so forth, an interesting and effective technique to grow your Facebook group may be to contact other group creators, with similar Facebook groups, and having them display a link on their group to your group. A simple, courteous email may be welcomed and they might not mind including a link to your group, in their group description, especially if they see that it is similar. Unfortunately, you may need to be prepared for those who will either ignore your email or respond back unwilling to offer any link swaps. This is the nature of the beast, however, it is possible to grow your Facebook group if you can get others to get excited about it, through your well-thought-out group description and group logo.

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