One mildly tedious aspect of Info Barrel's website platform, of very few (in my honest opinion), is the "Category" aspect of it's publishing system. Have you ever written an entire Info Barrel article, only to find that you can't quite figure out which one works best for your article? This could be, in part, just because the system doesn't really allow you to see several categories down. On one hand, having only broader categories appear, at least initially, does serve to consolidate and compact navigation so that there isn't a huge list of categories and sub-categories and sub-sub-categories.

Rather than complain, there are things that we, as Info Barrel members, can do in order to best manage and select a category for our articles.

Things You Will Need

Info Barrel Account
An Article Ready for Categorization

Step 1

On most occasions, the category your Info Barrel article falls into will be blatantly obvious. This is a good thing. You can simply follow the navigational scheme and arrive at the narrowest category or sub-category that is relevant to your topic. When you aren't quite sure where to house your article, you can simply navigate to the actual categories via the Info Barrel homepage. There, you can see and explore Info Barrel's database of articles and see if your article is similar to those that are already posted. Had you written an article about "the Societal Significance of Herpes Simplex" (just tossed a random title there, that came to my mind), you may just have to pick either the "Health" or "Society" Category and live with that choice.

Ultimately, the category functionality of the Info Barrel website is meant to give the site at least some feel of organization. How would you like to walk into a library with all the books and pages laying all over the ground? For this reason, as Info Barrel members, we should attempt to place our "books" (articles) in the best, most relevant, section of the website. Not only does doing this contribute to the general organization of the website, but it also make for a welcoming environment for those who visit this website and expect to see certain types of articles in certain places. Think like your reader thinks and the appropriate category should come to you.

Step 2

In this step, it is important to know what each main category actually is, and into what subcategories it divides into. Bear in mind, as Info Barrel staff receives feedback from members, this categorization is a continual work in progress: an organizational framework that it is ever evolving. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult or tedious to adequately categorize your article because you can't really see more than the main category, until you click through to each relevant sub category. Until a better system is put in place (this is what we have for right now), we do, at least, have the "reset" and "refresh" category buttons at our disposal. It is important to not that neither of these buttons will harmfully affect the actual content of your articles, if they are pushed, whether intentionally or unintentionally. In order to explore through from the main category to each sub-category, you will have to click a bit, and click reset the category listing if need be.

Step 3

It is important to note that, if you can't find a category that you believe your article fits in snuggly, the Info Barrel staff, in my own experience, are really quite responsive to legitimate user questions and concerns. I truly believe it is this type of customer service that will take this website a very long way. If you cannot find a "home" for your Info Barrel articles, fortunately, the Info Barrel forum is a great place to go to voice any suggestions for new categories and additions, or modification or suggestions to apply to old ones.

Like their writers, Info Barrel staff have been openly transparent with regards to their desire to obtain as much feedback from users as possible. They know that it is this feedback that will essentially guide this website to greatness, so, as has been my experience, they are typically quick to respond in a timely fashion.

Tips & Warnings

None at this time.

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