If you are reading this article, chances are you were attracted to it because you currently have a Facebook account, or you are considering registering for one because you have heard about the amazing inherent potential of the Facebook platform. With over 200,000,000 members worldwide (yes...200,000,000!), according to Facebook's official blog, Facebook has defied incredible odds in obtaining an achievement that is detailed in a slideshow presented by their CEO, and Founder, Mark Zuckerberg, on their blog located here.

Things You Will Need

a Facebook Account
at Least 50-100 friends, although this is NOT a requirement, even though it does make this process a little easier!
a Passion for Success

Step 1

Firstly, not only is it important that you wrap your mind completely around the sheer volume of Facebook's daily traffic flow and membership growth, but it is also imperative that you realize that this collective grouping of people represents a massive global population base of varied interests. While some members of Facebook will be enthralled by advertisements pertaining to sports or exercise, others may be particularly attracted to elements of the Facebook platform that reflect their interest in cooking, playing chess, or skydiving.

Not everyone will like what you have to sell or promote. If you are attempting to promote your newest Info Barrel article about quilt making, chances are that this topic will garner very little interest from people who are interested in spending the better part of their day playing computer, Playstation, or Xbox video games. The trick to being successful on Facebook is to either make the subject of your promotion as universally appealing, as possible, and/or hone into a very specific aspect of a given population.

The more specific and personable you can present yourself, the more of an opportunity you will have at promoting yourself, your business, your website, and/or your Info Barrel articles. You may have a better chance at gaining and maintaining the attention of those passionate video game players if you talk about the newest release of action adventure games, rather than giving a general overview of the system in which they probably know already.

Step 2

Secondly, little do most people know, but the Facebook platform is inherently structured to give you an edge up on your Info Barrel article promotion. It only takes a little navigation for a Facebook user to quickly realize the generous functionality that they can exploit, in order to gain significant traffic to the websites, Squidoo Lenses, or Info Barrel articles. With using what I would deem some unique, creative, and personal promotional techniques, there were days that I was able to gain upwards of 500-1,000 visitors to a single Squidoo Lens just by drawing people to me, and exerting a profound influence, with the functionality that Facebook already generously offers.

Step 3

Thirdly, you must realize that Spammers abound in droves on Facebook. Whether they are promoting a new Facebook application, or a disturbing sex website, they will more than likely be found out, have their accounts deleted, only to create another account the same day. Of course, this is assuming that they don't already have at least 10-15 accounts set up. All it takes is a Yahoo or Hotmail (or any email service, for that matter) email address, and a passion to spam, and you can have your way with Facebook's platform.

Fortunately, recently, Facebook has required phone verification in order to post multiple times, add friends, and really have an 'active' account. All this time is spent by spammers, and I am 100% certain that most of them encounter very little success, with regards to sales, website visits, or application installs. Mastering Facebook doesn't exactly require more work, although it does require creativity, passion, and a basic underlying understanding of their platform's inherent functionality. While they utilize their same organizational framework to make millions of monthly dollars a year, you can use this same framework to promote yourself, and your Info Barrel Articles. (You can read more about this in my other Info Barrel Articles that were written based on my own experience promoting myself on Facebook, as well as, creating my own 250,000+ member Facebook Group!)

Step 4

Fourthly, one of the most difficult parts about promoting yourself, or your Info Barrel articles, on Facebook is trying to make your interests align with the interests of your target population. Accessing this population, or getting them to view your articles, can be tricky, as well. Spam shouldn't be a consideration, so you must creatively utilize their current functionality to draw users to yourself. As I have referenced in previous articles about Facebook promotion, this is not easy, however the potential upside of HUGE success is certainly worthy of your attention. Afterall, Facebook is a free service, so feel free to engage in trial and error as much as you would like!

Step 5

Fifthly, I would like to tell you the story of two Facebook application promotional endeavors. (This same lesson can be applied to the promotion of your Info Barrel articles!). With the opening of the Facebook platform to third party application developers, an immediate onslaught of entrepreneurs found a way to make huge money through the development and dispersion of their application over Facebook's massive global user base.

Those who got in early on this opportunity solidified entire companies, long before the tide of public sentiment simply turned on Facebook applications. They began to be seen as a pesky hindrance, and annoyance, to the user experience, because Facebook users were absolutely inundated with everything from pirate requests to love requests. Amongst this declining interest in applications, I had decided to take a chance in developing my own.

Because of the huge competition already involved, I knew that I would have to be extremely creative in order to be competitive. Fortunately, I was one of the few who was able to exploit the achieved viral status of my own 250,000+ member Facebook Group. While it attracted people from all walks of life, my application was tailored towards the general theme of my Facebook group. The truth is, though, besides continuing to grow my group, my massive group actually gained the attention of an external company who was willing to develop an application in exchange for a 50%/50% revenue share.

They built the application and I promoted it. While I have since abandoned that project for MUCH greener pastures, this is just one of the possibilities of creating a Facebook group. Had you a Facebook group entitled "1,000,000 Strong for Baseball", an application that promoted the interaction of baseball fans may encounter extreme interest and usability. Without a single ounce of spamming, we successfully pushed over 1,000 daily active users on our Facebook application, in a very small period of time, just because I utilized the inherent functionality of Facebook Groups!

While this How-to article is very lengthy, it is really only scratching the surface of my experience with promoting everything from my own business, to my Squidoo Lenses, and Info Barrel Articles. I have since expanded this content into other, more related, articles.....and, I will continue to do so, as long as my writing continues to benefit others.

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