You can join a plethora of Facebook groups while navigating the Facebook website platform. Conveniently, whether they serve a real purpose or are made "just for fun", these groups have been tailored towards your specific interests in accordance with cultural norms and societal trends.Very few of these Facebook groups, however, will give you a variety of awesome opportunities to promote your Info Barrel articles all while, simultaneously, managing to establish a critical link between a massive Facebook Community of over 300,000,000+ worldwide users, and an ever-growing Info Barrel Community of dedicated, hard-working, writers.

Not only is this link necessary, and critical, to the further development of the Info Barrel Community, but, in this article I'll show you just how joining my Facebook Group can afford you an opportunity to continually promote your articles to an audience external of Info Barrel. If you are persuasive enough, I have some ideas for how you can utilize this group to gain referrals, for yourself, as well....all while continually growing the Info Barrel Community.

Things You Will Need

a Facebook Account
Already-written Info Barrel Articles to Promote
Your Info Barrel Referral Link

Step 1

My Info Barrel group is small, but the idea governing it can be very powerful for those who choose to participate by simply joining it and inviting their friends. This first step goes far beyond simple promotion of your Info Barrel articles, however, and the opportunity to gain a significant amount of Info Barrel referrals, just by sending an invitation to this Group to all your friends, is outlined in my rather lengthy Info Barrel article series. If you are interested in gaining more referrals, you may be particularly interested in my Reason #2 about why you should join my Info Barrel Facebook Group!

For now, in this particular step, you can't join a Facebook group without having a Facebook account. Creating a Facebook account is easy, and can be done with just a few simple clicks of your computer mouse. You will need to supply an email address to Facebook but, once you join, the opportunities for promotion of your Info Barrel articles are near endless, and I have detailed many methods and techniques that you can apply to successfully use Facebook to promote your Info Barrel articles. Neither platform should be viewed in isolation of the other, because they both really have tremendous potential to complement each other, and ultimately serve the members of Info Barrel well.

My Info Barrel Facebook group, if you so choose to join, will become a critical link between both platforms. Your opportunity to benefit from joining this group will be so profound that you simply won't want to miss this opportunity.

Step 2

Prior to even inviting my own friend's to my Info Barrel Facebook group, I have spent time to structure it to be inherently appealing to fellow Info Barrel members who want, and deserve, to have their articles promoted. Each 'discussion topic' on the 'discussion board' has been tailored specifically to house the articles of any and all Info Barrel members. Just by virtue of being a member of my Info Barrel Facebook group, you can post as many of your own articles, in these categories, as you would like. The only requirement is that you post your Info Barrel article in the same category in which you submitted it on the Info Barrel website.

As this group continues to grow, and complement the Info Barrel website rather nicely, it will gain the attention of many Facebook users who will become fascinated by the Info Barrel community. Your invitations to your friends can include your referral link, so, if you have even 50 friends on Facebook, this functionality of Facebook groups could very easily benefit you by simply sending only one mass invitation to my Info Barrel Facebook group. I have detailed this more thoroughly in my "Reason #2" for joining my Facebook group.

Step 3

Mass email capabilities will not be disabled, however, any joining member of this Info Barrel Facebook group must be aware that at least three articles a week, of dedicated group members, will be mass emailed to the entire Facebook group. These articles will be chosen fairly, and without bias, by an assigned panel of administrators and moderators who will have the best interest of the Info Barrel Community at heart.

You may consider this mass emailing similar to an "Article of the Day" or "Article of the Week", but, instead of being sent to your email account, it will be delivered to your Facebook account, with, of course, a notification of a new Facebook email sent to your supplied email address.

While noone likes to receive SPAM email, you may choose to ignore the selected articles of others, at least until you are notified that your article will be mass emailed to my Facebook Group's membership of over 5,000 members. It is oftentimes very difficult to get people to become enthused about this concept, however, this isn't the only reason why just simply joining my Facebook group can serve to benefit you (yes, YOU!).

Step 4

While some are lengthy, and others aren't quite as lengthy, I have assembled a thorough list of "reasons" for why you should consider joining my Info Barrel Facebook group. Each one of these 'reasons' has become an individual article, simply because of their rather descriptive lengths. I highly suggest that you seek these articles out and read about how you can benefit yourself, particularly, by joining this group and contributing to it.

Step 5

If you feel convinced by my compelling reasons, it would be an absolute honor to have you join, and contribute to my Facebook Group, just like a few of the administrators of Info Barrel have done. They have shown interest in this group, and I sincerely hope you will consider doing the same. Remember, even sending invitations to this group can ultimately serve to benefit you through potential swarms of referrals.

Of course, your ability to turn these invitations into referrals will probably hinge on how close you are with your 'friend's list', in real life. Had you strong relationships with these people, they may be more inclined to join my Facebook group, as well as, the Info Barrel community, under your referral link.

If you do decide to join my Facebook Group, please come armed with a few of your own articles to share. You can share them in the designated categories, on our 'discussion board', that will be where we house all these articles, whether new or old, for all the world to see.

Like this idea? Have questions? Leave me a comment so I can clarify or explain more! Remember, I have also written about six other articles that give detailed 'reasons' for why it will be in your best interest to join my Facebook group. I sincerely hope you will!

Tips & Warnings

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