Firstly, it is highly recommended that you take some time to survey a variety of Facebook groups that have already been created, and added to the Facebook database. Whether the group creator demonstrates a thoughtful execution of their Facebook group, or simply created it only to let it remain stagnant, you can learn quite alot by actually visualizing the construction, and layout, of these pages.

Pay close attention to everything from their chosen group name, to their group logo/brand, to the amount of effort that appears to be placed into how welcoming they make their Facebook group out to be to passer-byes, and new members.

Secondly, you must realize that a Facebook group must have an immediate appeal to anybody who may join it. If you succeed, like many have before, in achieving a viral status with your Facebook group, there are really very many promotional incentives that will come along with being able to exert a considerable amount of influence on others. Whether you would like to sell a Book, or promote your newest unveiled eHow article, as the Group's creator, any recommendations, or link placements, that you make will typically be welcomed as a 'Resource', rather than as SPAM.

Thirdly, in order to achieve the immediate appeal required to gain the interest of Facebook users, you must do a combination of things simultaneously. Unfortunately, poorly executed Facebook groups are available in vast array for you to learn from. Whether they don't view their Facebook group as having tremendous marketing and promotional potential, or they would rather do other things than nurture it, many Facebook group creators have missed a tremendous opportunity here to really exert an influence over a very large amount of people.

In this step, the main things you must consider is the naming of your group, the branding of your Group, the writing of your group, as well as, the creative and thoughtful affiliate link placements that serve as a 'resource' to your avid group members, rather than as spam. (This step is further expounded upon in my other Info Barrel articles!)

Fourthly, Facebook's groups' platform inherently allows a group's creator to have one main group picture. You can only have one, and it is displayed, for all the world to see, in the upper right hand corner. As users visits, next to your thoughtful, and convincing, writing, this will be one of the very first things new potential members see.

You can Brand your Group in a variety of ways that will be complement your writing and the general theme of your group. If you are creating a group solely for recreational purposes, you can just fish an image off of a Google search, or create your own, however, if you have any other intentions for your Group, you should engage someone professional to create your Facebook group's Logo/Brand.

Fifthly, and lastly, you must upload your Facebook Group LOGO/Brand to your Facebook Group. While Facebook offers limited functionality, they offer just enough for you to exploit it to the maximum, if you are truly passionate about using your Facebook Group to market yourself, your products, services, business, or venture.

Mark Zuckerburg, the Founder of Facebook, has made Millions off of an idea that grew and grew. Fortunately, Facebook's groups' platform affords you just enough functionality to exploit significantly. You may not make millions, however, it gives you the perfect opportunity to exert a positive, and lasting, influence over others. Do what you can to capitalize off of it!

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