The Chinese knot called the double coin knot was used as an amulet for wealth and prosperity. It was taken to be a motif of two overlapping coins because of its finished shape. Very often it was hung above merchant's doorways to try to attract wealth in ancient times. Its meaning mutated over the ages to also include longevity on top of prosperity, so soon it wasn't only merchants who enjoyed having it around as a decoration.

  • To make this knot you will need one piece of yarn or thread that you would like to make it out of. For beginners it would be a good idea to have a fair amount of yarn to work with.
  • Fold the yarn or thread in half. Perhaps it would help you if you had a needle or something holding the top of the yarn in place.
  • Make a loop with the left strand and place the right yarn over the loop.
  • Take the right thread and wrap it around where you have the loop pinched. Then weave it through the two threads coming out of the top of the work.
  • Poke it through the back of the knot and through the two strands that go through the middle of the knot.
  • Move the loop over the right thread and then under the other side of the original loop.
  • If you have a loop that you were pulling through the knot pull it the rest of the way through until it is only one strand.
  • Straiten things up a bit and you are done. You don't want to tie the knot too tight so be careful. If it is too tight you won't be able to see the double coin shape that this tie is known for.

If you were making this with one thread folded in half then if you made the knot close to where the thread was folded in half you might have one more decorative loop on top of your double coin knot. You don't lose anything if you didn't. It's just a different way of doing things.