From the title of Internet sensation, Gary Vaynerchuk's, 2008 book release, I can't take full credit for the title of this Info Barrel article. Fortunately, for those who are interested in making a ton of money just by writing simple articles for Info Barrel, the title "Crush it" is entirely applicable to what you CAN do on Info Barrel if you apply yourself with the passion, drive, and determination required to succeed. With each new month that I have been writing for Info Barrel (Since August 2009), I am learning that it is entirely possible for anyone online to use Info Barrel as a tool to seriously "crush it". With Info Barrel, your opportunities, as I will explain later in this article, are near limitless if you utilize this platform in the right manner.

Things You Will Need

a Computer
Info Barrel Website

Step 1

First, you will want to select a profile picture/avatar that is professional, rememerable....and consistent. Whether you have established yourself as an authority on a highly trafficked message board or forum, or Info Barrel is your first attempt at establishing an online persona, I would highly recommend that you maintain consistency in your online avatar picture use, across the wide array of social media outlets that you may contribute to in one way or another.

If you ever decide to branch out from Info Barrel, having a consistent image can give others the perception that you, and your personal brand, are visible anywhere you choose to leave your mark online. From Squidoo to Warrior Form to Info Barrel, you will find that my same avatar image is consistent and available for viewing wherever you may go. Debate has been had regarding whether or not your avatar should actually be a real life picture of you or something else entirely. Personally, I have used a cartoon representation of myself in order to give readers a general idea of who I am, while providing them with the opportunity to explore further.

In an age where personal brand has become increasingly important, I would seriously consider and recommend that you use an avatar/profile image that is at least some display of who you are.

Step 2

Writing articles is essentially the most fundamental way that you will chisel out a name for yourself online. With each new article you write, you are creating your own real estate that will endure for years to come. Every article you write, on Info Barrel or elsewhere, also affords you the opportunity to monetize passively with lifetime residual arrangements through Amazon, Adsense, and Chitika. Bear in mind, that these methods of monetization, and general offerings and payment arrangements, can and will vary dependent on what website platform you choose to write for.

Step 3

While I am living proof that it's not necessarily the amount articles that you write (as many will attest to), but, rather the quality of research behind those single articles that will earn you serious money online, there can certainly be great benefit to producing a massive quantity of articles. As mentioned prior, with each article you write, you are securing personal real estate that can help to significantly further and reinforce your brand.

Conducting effective SEO research, of keywords, prior to writing your article can be very effective in gaining for your articles the rank that will manifest into earnings in both the longterm and the shorterm. On top of SEO, it is also important to give consideration latent semantic indexing/analysis (lsi/lsa), because, as search engines continually evolve, there is an ever present need to differentiate quality articles that provide real tangible value and substance to a reader, from those articles that are structured specifically to game the system.

Grasping these core fundamental concepts, even remotely, will place you echelons above many people who write articles online for lifetime residuals. Fortunately, these considerations for online article content writing and submission, can be used effectively whether you are submitting content to Info Barrel entirely, or you are posting content to your own blog.


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