Whether you are new to the Info Barrel website platform, or you are a seasoned veteran that has been around for quite some time, chances are that you would love to gain extra traffic to your Info Barrel articles. Even if you are receiving a ton of traffic already through your own methods, using Facebook as a promotional tool is something that many seem to neglect or realize the full potential of. With over 300,000,000+ members, and 70,000 (yes, 70,000!) new members joining weekly, Facebook is clear a dream reservoir that anyone can quickly and easily tap into with little barriers to entry. In my honest opinion, if you are not taking advantage of Facebook RIGHT NOW, you are doing both yourself and your Info Barrel articles a great disservice.

Things You Will Need

a Facebook Account

Step 1

As Info Barrel moves forward with its substantial increases in monthly growth, it will certainly pay, in the long run, for each individual writer to realize the inherent potential of website platforms like Facebook. If you have already established an online presence on Facebook, then you are already one step closer to driving incredible amounts of traffic to your Info Barrel articles. Even if you don't currently have a Facebook profile, there is no need to fear. Just by simply creating a profile, and sending friend requests to those in your immediate circle, you already have the capacity to expand yourself, your presence, your articles, and your "brand" beyond where you are at right now.

You will first need to visit the website and sign up for an account. After doing that, be sure to friend request all your friends in your closest circle. Think long and hard about this. Whether they be friends from your high school days, to members of your church congregation or social club, these are the people you will ultimately send "friend requests" to, and they will serve as your immediate circle of influence.

Step 2

Once you have become friends with people on Facebook, you should strive your hardest to produce quality Info Barrel article content that you will be proud of, and that they will be interested in reading. Fortunately, Facebook has embedded functionality that will allow you to share your writing skills with your immediate circle of influence. Web 2.0 social media is a beautiful thing because, if you write very interesting and intriguing content, your immediate circle of influence will naturally want to share your writing with their circle of influence. You can encourage your friends to 'share' your articles on Facebook, but, then again, you don't need to stop there. You can kindly ask that they tweet/re-tweet your articles, via a service called Twitter.

Step 3

In this step, it is important that you not forget the incredible value of Facebook's inherent functionality. It offers all members the ability to create Facebook Groups and Pages, and, if you manage to establish yourself as an "authority", who consistently contributes quality content, you will find that it will be much easier to gain a real following. People are attracted to those who present new ideas on original ideas, and can demonstrate how they have been successful employing any type of viral strategies. Beyond that, your contributions to Info Barrel can be as deep and profound as you like, so, it is within your very own finger tips to create high quality content that people will want to share.

Facebook is clearly an amazing platform that some under utilize. With incredible daily growth, many people will tell you that it is very unwise to NOT tap into the inherent virility that it offers.

Tips & Warnings

Unfortunately, some strategies and methods for promotion can border on being a violation of Facebook's Terms of Service. Generally, many people utilize large Facebook Pages and Groups to SPAM completely irrelevant topics and links that only serve to anger and frustrating group members. If you can, however, provide quality content, that falls within the general theme of a Facebook group or page, it is very possible that your writing could actually be seen as a contribution and a benefit, rather than as SPAM. Info Barrel does inherently allow you to offer real content of substance, that people will naturally gravitate to. As a benefit, some may not know that you will actually earn up to 90% of the Google Adsense revenue when advertisements on your articles are clicked. If you produce content that is relevant to a group, and attracts advertisements that are consistent with your content, you can and will make a good amount of money.

Do, however, stay clear of outright spamming Facebook groups. Facebook will allow it for a few times, but, then, you will be given a warning to stop. Regardless of whether you feel that any particular link would be a benefit to a group, or not, Facebook just sees the fact that you are posting quite often in a very short time frame. Avoiding even the appearance of evil can take you a very long way when promoting your Info Barrel articles on Facebook.

Tools I Use for InfoBarrel: Market Samurai Keyword Tool, The Best Spinner, My 6-Book InfoBarrel Success Course, Unique Article Wizard, and more to come soon....