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1.  Write an EBook

Use your skills, interests, and talents to write something informative...than share it with other people.  Have you ever heard of the phrase "Content is king"?  People are always looking for information.  Find a need that others want, or find something that you are very interested in, and find out more about it.

Once you've decided on what your content is going to be, sell it online.  There are plenty of websites and tools that will help you to distribute your book online so that you won't have to publish an actual, physical book.  Some examples could be things like Amazon, Kindle, Itunes, and hulu.  There's a great book I read that goes into more detail about this topic, called "E-Books The Smart Way" by Pat Flynn.  You can search for it on google.

It's very easy and simple to make, and you don't need to hire a fancy designer, software, all you need is a word processor, and than you can convert it to a pdf so it can be easily disbursed online.



2. Create a Membership Website

This is the act of making a website that focuses on building a community of like-minded people revolved around a certain topic, event or product.  Websites are a lot easier to build and design these days.  There are plenty of free templates out there that will do the job great for you and get all your basic needs met.

The membership site will offer exclusive things to the members that people would not be able to access other-wise.  Try offer things like advice and vital resources about whatever the site is about.  The saying "content is king" goes far here as well.

The membership site will establish you as an expert in the field of your choice.  People can ask you questions and seek advice from your expertise.  Set up a fee for every month or year for your members to choose from.  The main source of your income will come from recurring memberships, and additional products and services pertaining to your expertise.  Create new features, videos, products, and events to attract new members, and keep old ones.

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3. Become A Blogger

Use this as an opportunity to write about what you enjoy.  Earn money through advertisements, guest posting on other peoples' blogs and websites, and through sponsors.  Google Adsense has become a major player in the online advertising world, and many people integrate it into their blogs to earn some income from ads clicked.

The important thing for your success as a blogger is to make sure that you have great content.  Remember, there are plenty of people in the world, and eventually someone will find you and be interested in the things you have to say.  You don't every person in the world to pay for your products, you only need a small portion.  Create an informative site with great content to draw and attract your audience.


Some other ways to make money on your blog are to: use affiliate links to make sales on products related to your content, find sponsors, and consult with others about your expertise.




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Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave comment, suggestions, and other resource you've found useful that could help others.