Did you know there are 37 foods that can KILL up to 11 pounds of belly fat in just 7 days ... even including chocolate, peanut butter, and BBQ...the forbidden foods!

Josh Bezoni has been on a crusade teaching people how 2 reduce belly fat, and has shared his ideas on very nearly every major TV network, aiding hundreds of thousands of folks to win the fight against fat.

Who would have thought that eating MORE would flatten your belly?!

What the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet Includes

- The Diet Manual: step by step details on how to use sneaky tricks to a flat belly
- The Quick Start Guide: CliffsNotes for the whole program
- The Success Tracker: enter your speedy weight loss with inspiring before/after photos every day
- 37 Foods That Kill Belly Fat Report: be taught how to substitute the bad for the good
- Pre-Program Checklist: to make sure you have everything you need prior to starting; includes support contact information
- The Weight Loss Supplement Review: shows you which supplements are a scam and which truly do make a difference
- Inspirational Success Video: a 60 minute video showing the journey of 6 awesome folks who followed the plan and achieved fat loss above and beyond their wildest dreams
- The 7 Deadly Sins of Diet Scams Report: you'll be taught how to recognize a scam in 15 seconds or less, plus the inside scoop on which products you should avoid no matter what.
- Fast Abs Manual: up-to-date step-by-step strategies with full-color photos
- How to Lose 11 Lbs in 7 Days Diet Audio: a 60 minute audio with best tips on losing crazy amounts of weight in just a week
- The 7 Day Belly Blast Diet Challenge Packet: how to get your chance at winning some MAJOR money and a dream vacation getaway

You are going to get a TON of data in this program. The Diet Manual teaches you how 2 reduce belly fat in 7 days, spanning 286 pages and covering all the essential aspects of losing belly fat. Controlling our thoughts, how our food is making us fat, government controlled labeling, weight loss scams, and more. You also receive quite a few worksheets to aid you in tracking your food, thoughts, goals and exercise transformation.

Nutritionist Josh Bezoni provides very solid information and ideas in this program. He will teach you about conspiracies, scams and dangers. To help in consolidating all the information, he lists 15 7DBBD Commandments; my favorite is #14. :)

Much of what I found in this Diet Manual was not new to me, since I have been a diligent student of nutrition for the past decade. Nonetheless Coach Josh does present an intriguing notion I haven't heard of before. He calls it "Calorie Confusion" and discusses how this method can fix your metabolism and trick your body into constantly burning more and more calories and body fat without hitting a plateau. Hmmm, interesting.

The various reports that are offered in the package address other fundamental facets of belly fat loss.
- Exercise recommendations with how-to photos are included.
- I found the food comparisons especially beneficial in the "37 Foods that Kill Belly Fat" Report. Photos are included and explanations for the bad and good foods.
- The Success Tracker is in workbook format so you can easily chart your progress. It also includes some input from Coach Josh on a daily basis to keep you motivated.

All in all this is a comprehensive program which details important information about how 2 reduce belly fat. Lists of foods, herbs and spices, as well as some recipes are included. If you need more than the Diet Manual provides, a cookbook is available also.

Additionally, I think it's inspiring that Coach Josh hosts a 7 Day Belly Blast Diet Challenge every year with more than $50,000 worth of cash and prizes to further motivate folks to undergo extraordinary transformations.

Who is This Program For?

If you desire to learn how foods affect your body and how to make changes, this program is for you. There is quite a bit of information included, so it might be overwhelming to those who don't yet know much about nutrition, however the thorough nature of the material is necessary for newbies, so I recommend they keep pushing through!

This program is NOT for someone who expects pages and pages of pre-designed meal plans. While some samples are offered in the Diet Manual, for the most part you will be putting together your own meals. (Note: The "Done for You" Cookbook proves to be very helpful and eliminates this concern completely.)

What I Didn't Like (Not a Deal Breaker)

I was somewhat irritated after I bought the program that there were three upsells presented. I suppose that many people purchase these items, and they are all beneficial to the program, however it felt intrusive to me since I only wanted to get the program and start learning.

However, it really was a minor inconvenience, and I'm especially sensitive to it because it's one of my pet peeves - I did not allow it keep me from appreciating the product. :)

I originally thought that in order for the program to work, Josh's supplements were a required buy. I have lots of products that I already personally enjoy and I don't like to be told to change. ;) However once I read more, the supplements Coach Josh has formulated are free of the poisons that many over-the-counter supplements include, so they are within my high standards of supplementation.  Also, Coach Josh teaches you how to decide if your favorite supplement is a belly buster, and whether you can substitute it. So I suppose you're not locked in after all … love that. :)

I thought it was strange that one of the manuals (Fast Abs) was already covered in the manual, so felt that was redundant. However it is handy to have it printed separately while working out, so it wasn't too much of a bother.

The Weight Loss Supplement Review and the 7 Deadly Sins of Diet Scams both included information that was already covered in the Diet Manual, and I'm not sure what the reason behind that was. Again it is a tad redundant, but not a deal breaker.

Check it Out

All in all I think this is a complete solid program…Coach Josh has thought of everything and provides many resources to aid you as you learn how 2 reduce belly fat…in 7 days! I recommend giving it a try, you've got nothing to lose... except your belly fat! ;)