The latest in movie technology is the incorporation of the 3D or 3rd dimension in our viewing perspective. This gives a whole new angle to the story telling business, adding up as a tool for movie making.  The inclusion of this tool can render new meaning with life-like experience for us as the audience that gets us excited during some action based scenes and drool to the beauty of picturesque of other scenes in films.  The effect of 3D is most effective in animated movies. Normally, an animator digitally controls and models 3D based animation. Some of the features and aspects of 3D animation are discussed below. 

How does 3D work?

It all begins with the creation of a 3D mesh which is built externally to support the character. This mesh forms as the base for any 3D based environment or object and is geometric in nature. The various vertices are geometric points constituting the mesh which offers a digitally built skeletal shape named “armature” which internally controls using weights on the mesh. This is basic of 3D animation and is termed as “rigging” which can be in turn used for “keyframe” based movement.

Use of Mechanical Animation

Some of the basic technology used in animation is listed below:

    • Zoetrope- It is a device that which helps in creating motion based illusion using static pictures in succession. It is derived from the Greek “zoe” which means alive and “tropos” which means “turn” constituting to mean “wheel of life”.


    • Chuckimation- Cartoon makers “Action League Now” have developed thistechnology in which the animation characters are made to fall off the camera while they are manipulated by invisible hands.


    • Animatronics- This technology uses mehcatronics in order to build machines that are not robotic but animate in nature.


    • A form in robotics called audio-animatronics which has been engineered by Walt Disney specifically to cater to the needs of the Theme parks for Disney. These robots cannot walk but they can stand. They use sounds and movements that are pre-recorded. ;


    • Puppetry- it is one of the oldest form of entertainment in which a theatre performance is made using puppets that are controlled by the performer, who generally stays behind the scenes. This has been one of the oldest forms of entertainment for people all over the world.


In 3D technology, High definition resolution is used on Blu-Ray discs to give a real experience to the viewer. This technology allows you to believe that all the characters will now emerge from your screen. This is the most updated form of graphics technology until now. The only other thing to be expected now would be the holographic technology. 


At the rate in which the movie technology is growing, surprise is nothing new. Animation has reached newer heights in film technology. All you can do is keep guessing what is next in animated movies that is to be offered?