When people think of off-road motorcycles and four-wheelers, they usually picture races or recreational activities involving outdoor enthusiasts. While recreation is often the primary reason consumers purchase all-terrain vehicles; many people acquire them for different reasons. If you own a relatively large portion of land, you may need to access distant areas on a regular basis. In most situations, ATVs provide the perfect way for landowners to navigate their properties quickly and efficiently; however, in certain instances, utility-terrain vehicles may make more sense.

All-Terrain Vehicles

If you get a thrill while moving fast over rough terrain, an off-road motorcycle is just what you need. When operated appropriately, dirt bikes are surprisingly safe, especially when the proper safety precautions are taken. That said, some people don't feel confident enough to operate a motorcycle over rough terrain. If you need to regularly access distant areas of your property but are too afraid to ride a motorcycle, consider a four-wheeler.

Also known as quad bikes, four-wheelers are popular with older people who want to enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about potential accidents. Because these all-terrain vehicles are capable of handling rough ground, they're also perfect for landowners who need to regularly access woodland areas on their property. When they are outfitted with the right ATV parts and accessories, such as a GPS, straps, tie-downs and winches, these vehicles can also prove highly functional for people who need to pull heavy branches or hunters who need to transport fresh carcasses.

Utility-Terrain Vehicles

Unlike ATVs, utility terrain vehicles aren't generally used for recreation. Typically, these vehicles perform some type of function, such as transporting people or light cargo across relatively long stretches of rough land. Golf carts are the most identifiable types of UTVs; however, there are a variety of different styles on the market, with each ranging in power and capabilities.

These vehicles are suitable for landowners who live on grassy properties. Unfortunately, they don't work well in woodland areas, which are often muddy and overgrown with dense vegetation. On the other hand, when they are outfitted with the right UTV parts, these vehicles can go places that would stop ATVs dead in their tracks. For example, landowners who live on snowy properties are able to move swiftly across snow-covered ground by replacing the tires on their UTVs with snow tracks.