A lot of people are very aware of the immense benefits to be gained from using a juice maker in the home to make fresh fruit and vegetable juices. As such, these appliances are becoming increasingly popular in the kitchen. With such a machine it is possible to make fresh, health boosting, nutritious drinks that the whole family will love. The freshness of a juice is important as, over a relatively short period of time a juice will deteriorate and becomes less beneficial.

When a juice is freshly prepared in a maker the full sweetness of the fruit and vegetables are maintained which makes the juices very palatable even to young children. Carrot juice is a good example of this as it is at its sweetest within the first half hour of making it. With citrus juices this window of sweetness is even shorter at around twenty minutes.

Another great benefit from using a juice maker is that the juices are at their highest nutritional value. All the live enzymes and amino acids are preserved and you can be certain that there are no extra additives, chemicals or preservatives in your juice.

To get an even healthier drink, using organically grown fruit and vegetables is a plus, as the use of insecticides will have been eliminated. When making your juice you have the option of keeping the pulp, skin and rind in the juice or discarding them. These end products can be used to either provide more fiber in the juice or can be used to make foods such as cakes. The fiber is good for helping with bowel problems such as constipation as it helps to stimulate the lining of the bowel.

Using a juice maker appliance means that you can get more benefits out of your fruit and vegetables then when eating them in a raw state. A good example, again, is with carrot juice. Just one cup cup of freshly squeezed carrot juice provides more nutrients than four cups of the raw vegetable. The juice is also much more easily digested in the bowel and places a lot less workload on the body.

There are many health experts and fitness gurus like the great Jack Lalanne juicing king who claim that regularly consuming fruit juices will help in the prevention of many diseases such as heart disease, bowel disease and cancer. They also maintain that fresh juice will also reduce the rate of the aging process as well as boost energy and fitness levels. Many people find juices a good adjunct to a weight loss program as they are less calorific than drinking fizzy, sweet drinks.

You can find juices in many price ranges from thirty dollars to many hundreds, depending on the functions and the extras available. If you intend to juice regularly then horssepower is important to consider. Some juicers you will find also masticate food which are useful if you intend to produce nut butters, suaces and baby foods.