Using a scanner for scrapbooking means that it is possible to include all sorts of things that wouldn't normally be able to go into a scrapbook. Most people know about scanning photos and other printed items, but there is much more that can be done. It is also possible to do things like change the size of photos and documents and many people use scanners to keep a copy of their scrapbook itself.

Many people would love to include things like birth certificates or other valuable documents in a scrapbook. However this type of thing usually needs to be kept in a secure place, so it can't really go into the scrapbook. But making a copy of these documents using a scanner means that they can easily be included. This also means that it's possible to use documents that are fragile - the sort of thing that will fall apart if handled too often.

There are a number of unusual objects that would not normally be used in a scrapbook. Things like a slice of birthday cake, a single flower kept from a bouquet, or shells and pretty pebbles collected on the beach can all be used in a scrapbook when you can scan them into images.

This technology also allows the use of multiple copies of something that you only have one copy of. It also means that you don't have to destroy or damage a book if you want to use a page from it, which is great for things like theater programs. Scanning into digital images also mean that you can make as many copies of a whole scrapbook page (best done with a large format flatbed scanner due to size) or an item in your scrapbook as you would like to have.

Having the use of a scanner also means you can create montages from a number of items and making practice layouts is easy. There are no worries about using delicate items or items that can't be replaced, as it's possible to work with a copy. Once you have these copies of either individual items, single scrapbook pages, or the entire scrapbook, it is simple to send them around the world by e-mail or display them on a website.

Something else that is great to do with a scanner is to create background images and textures. Arrange a baby's blanket on the glass and use that image as the background for a baby scrapbook. Scan in some wedding dress fabric and use that as the background in a wedding scrapbook. For the background of a school day page, put a few pencils, erasers and similar equipment on the glass and scan that in.

It is important to protect the scanner when using unusual items. Protect the glass from scratches and damage by using a simple sheet of transparency. This can also be used when scanning messy things to prevent smudges and spots as any scratches and imperfections will show through on any scans that are taken. The manufacturer should provide instructions on how to keep the scanner clean.

If you are considering buying a scanner to expand your scrapbooking horizons, a Mustek scanner is an affordable choice that will allow you to scan both large and small items. Practice with the scanner and with the image editing software. Change a few settings and see what results there are. Before you know it you will have some great additions to make your scrapbook unique.