It is common for women to take contraceptive pill as birth control while men have vasectomies.  A breakthrough in science has male counterceptive pill 1Credit: been made, however, introducing a new male contraceptive.  Unlike a vasectomy where sperm is stopped on its way out, and the older version of male pill makes his sperm ineffective, the new contraceptive pills simply stop the sperm from leaving the male body during sex.

Scientists were able to find proteins that can block the sperm from going out of the testes while ejaculating.  They were able to get it from genetically engineered rodents where they can still mate normally, but were absolutely infertile.  Most men, however, are apprehensive with its effect on them - they wonder if it could affect their libido and virility overtime.  Researchers assure that they should not worry since effects are reversible.

Senior lab lecturer, Dr. Sab Ventura of Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, said that the main goal of the pill is to avoid unwanted pregnancies male contraceptive pill 3Credit: are mostly common today. For the meantime, he was able to make a mice temporary infertile after he removed the two proteins responsible for the sperm transport without interrupting sexual functions and performance.  Dr. Ventura explained that in his studies, he saw that the mice had normal sex activities all the way up until the ejaculation point, where no sperm was ejaculated.

His study was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). Unlike the process of female contraceptive, the male version is quite challenging and complicated. 

This pill aims to share the task of both parties being involved in family planning.  Unlike women wherein they have several options, men only have two, condoms and vasectomy.  The pill has to be taken every day to be effective, once he stops; male contraceptive 2Credit: goes back to normal.  So far, the pill has worked the way it was inteded to work in the mice that have been studied. The mice were completely infertile, 100% unproductive after those two proteins, responsible for sperm released, were removed from their bodies.

However, there are some women who are skeptical on whether or not it will work for them, as they don’t trust their partners to take the pill every day.  But the entire concept seems to be promising - this simply shows that there is gender equality even when it comes to family planning; men have to take their part.  According to the Melbourne scientist, this pill can possibly be available in the market for the public within the next 10 years.

This pill needs further studies to ensure that it won’t have any side effects to the person taking it and to its offspring once he decided to have one in the future.  But the whole process and idea of this pill is quite amusing and impressive.