The bathroom vanity is one of the most highly used areas in any home.  We primp, pluck, wash, and brush multiple times a day, so it is no wonder that your bathroom cabinets are scratched and your faucet seems to have a perpetual leak.  Today’s modern bathroom vanity cabinets have a tough job, but that does not mean your bathroom can’t be stylish, while still providing your every need. 

Today’s over-worked homeowners have sparked the trend of creating master suites.  Thus, the master bathroom has become an important extension of the bedroom, for people needing a retreat from their hectic schedules.  With the popularity of this design trend, bathroom vanity cabinets are now considered high quality pieces of furniture which add to the value of your home.  These vanities typically consist of three key elements: a sink, a mirror, and some storage space. 

Get More Storage Options with a Bathroom Vanity

The storage options in bathroom vanity cabinets are endless.  Doors and drawers can now be self-closing and contain as much or as little space as you need, to hide away all your lotions and potions. Cabinets can be freestanding or attached, trimmed with detailed moldings, and come in a variety of color options. 

Get More Versatility with a Custom Sink

Sinks can range from the traditional under-mounted variety, to a more modern vessel style which sits on top of the counter.  If you want to make an artistic statement, try choosing a sink made of a unique material, such as copper or colorful hand-blown glass. 

Get More Style with the Right Mirror

The mirror element of the vanity can stand out as a statement piece or seamlessly tie in with the bathroom cabinets. While a mirror most certainly provides a practical purpose in the bathroom, gone are the days of the lackluster mirror and medicine cabinet combo as your only option. 

Get Trendy with Your New Bathroom Vanity Set-Up

As you can see, the choices are only limited by your imagination and grooming needs.  Just put these three key elements together, and, voila -- you have a vanity ensemble that will improve any bathroom.

You certainly do not have to create a bathroom that rivals a five star hotel, in order to improve your home.  A new bathroom vanity can give a facelift to even the smallest of bathrooms.  Whether you want to replace that powder blue pedestal sink from the 1970s or install a double vanity for a shared family bathroom, you can easily find modern bathroom vanity cabinets to best fit your needs and lifestyle.