If you are suffering from the condition of agoraphobia and panic attacks, let me detail exactly why this is and how exactly you have developed and continue to suffer from these conditions. Agoraphobia is the condition where you fear an onsetting panic attack and with that fear it begins to manifest. The reason why people have these attacks is because they are afraid of people. Most people who have panic attacks have them because they are in social settings and care about what other people think and they tend to think that everyone is watching them. They fail to realize that they have the power to manifest how people perceive them and that they have the power to control and manipulate reality as they see fit.

Some people suffer with panic attacks all their lives and run from the solution. Instead of facing their fears and dealing with people and social situations, they will try and find a place to hide. Many people develop this condition because of hurts they have experienced at young ages and they feel that there is no help for them so they run and when they feel that they are going to be faced with another traumatic situation as they faced as a young person, those intense feelings of fear come back and manifest as a panic attack. In order to defeat these feelings, you have to become strong. When you are young, you do not know much about reality. You have to learn and grow to find your power and that is why you suffer. You have to learn how to stand up for yourself, believe in that all things are possible and go after what you want. You have to give yourself a purpose and walk your path.

Many people also experience Agoraphobia in a sense of confusion. They do not know why they always feel afraid or fearful. They do not understand who they are as people and the reality of the world, because it is so distorted. They feel like they have nothing left to hang onto and no sense of what is true, mainly because of religion or a defined upbringing. Some people grew up with strong conditioning and beliefs about the world which were wrong and because of this, they have developed Agoraphobia. Abuse also can manifest as Agoraphobia. The only way to defeat the condition is to fight for what you believe in and go after what you want and to not be afraid of people and social settings because they are a part of reality like anything else and leaving them wont help you. You need to stay in whatever situation you are in, and you need to maintain peace and balance with your energy and mental state. It is possible to do, but yet many Agoraphobics believe that it is not, but it truly is.