Years ago, hunters had no choice but to walk miles and miles to find their prey. Often, this meant breaking camp before sunrise, so they would have time to reach their hunting spots. Not only did this give them less time to hunt each day, it led to fatigue. Fortunately, these days, many hunters use ATVs to make their trips easier, more successful and more comfortable.

ATVs have made a difference

All-terrain vehicles offer the average hunter all sorts of advantages, including:

Efficiency - Since they can easily move over rugged land, all-terrain vehicles let hunters reach places they might normally never go. This provides all sorts of new possibilities, letting hunters track prey no matter where it runs.

More energy - Instead of being forced to hike several miles to reach his tree stand or blind, the modern hunter is able to use an ATV to reach his destination in just a few minutes. This helps prevent the fatigue that comes from having to walk through rugged woodland areas and over steep ridges.

Increased comfort - Sore, tired feet can make hunting difficult; however, too much walking can have other consequences as well. Many hunting seasons fall during the colder months of the year, leaving hunters to endure very cold temperatures. Long hikes tend to produce sweat, which can make a person feel very cold once he stops walking and sits in his tree stand or blind. Because ATVs allow hunters to move effortlessly over miles of land, they can help prevent this problem.

Things to consider

While all-terrain vehicles can offer hunters all sorts of benefits, they can sometimes lead to trouble. If you ride your ATV far into dense woodland areas, you should always have a first-aid kit, a cell phone and other survival equipment on-hand just in case the vehicle breaks down. Additionally, it is vital that you check your battery to ensure it is in good condition. When a battery dies unexpectedly, hunters can be left in precarious situations, especially when night falls and the weather gets cold. Before heading out on your next trip, take the time to service your ATV and be sure it is equipped with a fully-charged new or used battery.