If I told you that you could earn over $1000/month, passively, for life - in 5 years (or less) would you believe me? I didn't either - at first.

I'm one of those guys that before I jump into anything, I like to, "look at the numbers". Perhaps it's a remnant of being in Information Technology (logical thinking) or just having an analytical mind - but before I invest in anything (be it my time, money or otherwise) I want to know what I stand to gain. So, when someone says, "How Can Anyone Retire in 5 Years Writing Articles" I don't give it much thought until the number crunching has completed.

As I started to crunch the numbers a few things came to mind immediately. The amount of money needed for retirement is very subjective. If you already have money saved up, you need less to retire. If you live in a country where the cost of living is below the 1st world you need less to retire. Bearing that in mind, the amounts here may (or may not) be enough to retire for you personally but what I hope you'll walk away with - is a sense that what I outline here can be scaled to suit your wants or needs.

I see a lot of articles and content out there touting how much article writing can make for you in the long run and many kind of throw out arbitrary numbers that more often than not simply aren't realistic for the average person. Things like, "If you could just write 30 articles per day... "Um, yeah - while it may be humanly possible let's be honest here - it's not realistic nor does it really give a path for people to follow.

Like any hypothetical, I will be throwing out some arbitrary numbers but I think you'll agree they're much more realistic for the average person and they will visually demonstrate how anyone can retire in 5 years writing articles.

So how is it possible to retire in 5 years writing articles? Honestly it's a combination of 2 things. Simple math and self discipline. It's easier said than done, but I do believe it can be done. There are many roads that can get you from where you are now to a retireable passive income. This is only one. It may or may not suite you - if it doesn't I understand and I'd love to hear how you intend to get there. If it does - then I'm glad this was helpful!

Ok - so enough with pre-amble, here's what it's based on and how it works -

The Assumptions

You will begin your path with 100 published articles already completed. Why 100? This gives you time to learn the ropes: learn basic keyword techniques, back liking, SEO (search engine optimization) and basic marketing. It is assumed by doing so, by the time you have 100 articles you'll be earning on average .30 per article per month and will be able to consistently earn this amount (or more) as you continue to publish. Note this is an average. Some of your articles will make more, some will make less and some will make none. The collective average should be .30 which I believe is totally doable. Costs are based on a $5 per 500 word article (from your ghost writer).

The Plan

This is a 5 year plan that upon completion will have you reasonably making over $1000+/month of passive income. That is to say, at the end of the plan - you may cease all effort on article writing and still continue to receive your $1000+/month theoretically for life.

This will be made possible by two major key elements: reinvesting every penny you make from your article writing during the 5 year plan and using that money to hire a ghost writer to supplement your own writing.

Under The Plan you will begin when you have your 100 articles and they are making an average minimum of 30 cents each per month ($30). For the sake of demonstrating the figures, I have elected to use January 1st, 2011 as a starting date with the plan completing on December 31st, 2015 earning a total of $1032.60/month in passive income for life.

The Plan is broken down into 3 sections:

  • Years 1 & 2 - Here you will still be writing, back linking, reviewing and correcting your ghost writers content and publishing. Did I mention this plan only requires you to write one article every 3 days? 10 articles total per month are all that's required by you (imagine how these figures would change if you wrote more).
  • Years 3 & 4 - Here you will quit writing and focus all your time and energy on back linking, reviewing , correcting and posting your ghost writers content.
  • Year 5 - Quite frankly, this is just a buffer year. If you followed the plan 100% you'd actually be done in 4 years. This year is the year where you account for every excuse that caused you a delay. I was sick, the ghost writer was sick. I took vacation, the ghost writer took vacation. I just didn't feel like it! Whatever it is, 1 full year of time is allotted through the course of your project to account for all of life's mishaps that will prevent you from following the plan.

So here's what it looks like -

Years 1 & 2: What you see here is a breakdown of your starting articles (100), the articles you contribute, the articles your ghost writer contributes as well as money earned, money spent (reinvested) and money that carries over (left over) month to month.

Make Money Article Marketing 1

As you go into this project with your 100 articles in the month prior you should have earned (at least) $30.00. This is the money you start with in the income column. You will then spend that $30 hiring your ghost writer to write you 6 articles at a cost of $5 each. In addition, you will write a minimum of one article every 3 days for a total of 10 articles per month (this is reflected in the articles by you column).

As you publish your ghost writers content along with your own, your earnings will increase proportionately. That money is then added to your left over and spent on hiring your ghost writer to write more articles. You'll note that in some months (for example), there's not quite enough for 7 articles (you have 34.80 and 7 articles would cost you $35, this is where the "left over" column comes from). This money is carried and reinvested as often and as much as possible.

The key here is to reinvest everything (100%). Another interesting note, by June (just 5 months in) your ghost writer is already producing more content than you are - how cool is that? Let's move on.

Years 3 & 4 - It's been two long years of writing, reviewing, correcting, back linking and publishing but the results should speak for themselves. Now you begin to reap some of the rewards - guess what? Now you may stop writing! Yes, it's true - as of today you may quit writing. There's a reason though!

The sheer volume of articles being produced by your ghost writer(s) (you may need to hire more than one before the end of year 4) will probably require your full attention in reviewing, correcting, back linking and publishing. So, while your writing days may be over, your involvement most certainly is not. In fact these two years may be harder than the first two! The volume here is going to get crazy! Let's see how it plays out.

Make Money Article Marketing 2

Here's where we see the magic. If you've ever heard of compound interest you'll see the effect here only with articles instead of interest. Everything is now growing exponentially. But Kevin, it's year 4 and I'm not seeing those kinds of results! This is where Year 5 comes in.

Year 5 - Perhaps things didn't work out quite as planned. Your earnings weren't quite 30 cents per article. You or the family were sick from time to time. You had to transition ghost writers (some were fired, some were hired or you just plain wore them out). Whatever the reasons, if you're not making the above by year 4 you have an entire year to work it out.

Back link more. Market more, enhance your keywords and SEO (search engine optimization). If by the end of year 5 you can correct these short falls - you stand a good possibility of making these numbers a reality. So here we are, we're at the end of 5 years, now what? Now you quit working, discontinue reinvesting in your ghost writers and deposit that $1032.60/month into your own bank account! Now you reap your own rewards. Perhaps you'll write a book about how you did it? Just remember to give ole Kevin a shout out!

Perhaps you want (or need) more to retire. The figures I used above are pretty conservative I think. We have writers on Info Barrel alone (a PR 4 site as of the writing of this article) who make over $1000/month with less than 500 articles. This means they are averaging at least $2 per article per month (over 6 times the figures I've quoted here).

If they can make that on a SINGLE PR 4 site, again - I think the figures above are totally doable and realistic. This article does not presume all of your writing is done for one site. Like any good investor I would advise you to spread your writing content among several reputable revenue sharing sites. This way as they come and go your portfolio's impact will be minimized.

In addition, you can SIGNIFICANTLY increase your passive income by stretching out the time involved. As this compounds with time, the real fun is just beginning at 5 years! If you continued this model for 10, 15 or even 20 years you could be looking at $5-10K/month easy simply by reinvesting.

So now you've seen how anyone can retire in 5 years writing articles. Even better, it can be done without ever spending more money out of pocket than your articles earn. If you can keep from touching the money being generated by your articles and reinvest it in yourself - you CAN make it. The path is here in front of you, all that's required is for you to take the first step and you can take it now by signing up and writing for Info Barrel or any of the other reputable revenue sharing content sites out there!