If you are in the market for an apartment home, chances are you have looked online. And there is a great likelihood that you have come across the site called Apartment Ratings. This site acts a ranking system that includes reviews that previous renters have submitted online. This can be an exceptionally great tool, especially if your coming in from a different city or state, and have no idea what to expect. Renters will leave there thoughts about their experiences. Everything from the management to the actual apartment interiors can be commented on. But there are a few items that you may want to keep in mind as your browse their site.

Comments are not limited to renters. Anyone who has access to a computer and email address can leave a comment. There is no verification or way to make sure that the actual person who left the comment was a resident at the community. Remember this is the Internet and almost anyone can say anything they would like too. Many people who use the site take every comment literally. So take a step back and remember this as your making your way through the site. Many would be renters make decisions based upon these comments. Wouldn't it be a shame if the apartment community really met his/her needs, but a stray comment prevented them from contacting the property.

Another point to keep in mind, many apartment communities have several hundred units on the property. The percentages of comments in relation to the number of tenants currently on property, or in the past probably outnumber the comments substantially. So you are really getting a small sample of actual renters on property. It is common knowledge that its hard to please everyone. There will always be a percentage of people who will be dissatisfied and they will make it a point to communicate their feelings to everyone.

In review be careful with what you read on Apartment Ratings. If you have questions be sure and contact the property in question. Most properties will be happy to communicate with you. If they dodge the issue or won't address it, then it may be safe to look elsewhere.