How Are Speed Bumps Beneficial

Although speed bumps may be annoying at time, they can be beneficial to the neighbourhood members in many ways. You may occasionally receive a petition form that is requesting you to sign for the placement of speed bumps on your street; the choice is entirely up to you as to whether or not you would like to sign it, but you should definitely read this before you make that decision.

Some people may think of speed bumps as being annoying, pointless, or disrupting; however, the benefits of having speed bumps should definitely be considered before these thoughts are expressed. It is understandable that speed bumps may cause hardships for a small percentage of people, such as people that have a lowered suspension on their car; however, it benefits the other 99 percent of the neighbourhood population. This article will explain some of the benefits that are associated with having speed bumps in your neighbourhood; as I have had them put in mine about 1 year ago, I have been able to see these benefits in complete effect.

Stops Cars From Speeding

I'm sure that everyone has once lived in or around a neighbourhood in which they commonly see cars going at highway speeds when driving down a side street. This can be extremely dangerous in urban areas which schools and parks are present because there are many children that play and walk on those streets. Aside from the children, this speeding causes danger for absolutely everybody that is within a few feet of the street, adults and children. Having speed bumps placed on that side street will not allow those speed demons to continue to drive at those dangerous speeds. One of the most efficient benefits of having speed bumps placed on a street is that they stop cars from speeding down the street at dangerous speeds. Speed bumps are created in a way that will damage the car if it travels over them at a high speed; this transfers the danger to the owner of the car and not the pedestrians walking along the street.

Decreases The Average Driving Speed

In addition to those crazy high speed drivers, many of the drivers will still drive slightly above the posted speed limit on the side street; speed bumps eliminate this problem too. Although driving at 50 KM per hour in a 40 KM per hour zone is not as dangerous as driving at 90 KM per hour, it can still cause a great amount of danger if enough people do it. Let's assume that your street has a posted speed limit of 40 KM per hour; and that roughly 2 percent of the cars drive down it at 80 KM per hour, and roughly 40 percent of the cars drive down at 60 KM per hour. Although at first glance the driver at 80 KM per hour may seem more dangerous, when incorporating the percentages you will soon change your mind. Having speed bumps placed on your street eliminates this problem as well by lowering the average speed in which cars travel down your street. One of the main benefits of speed bumps is that it promotes an overall slower driving neighbourhood.

Raises Driving Alertness

Having speed bumps placed on your street can also raise the alertness of the drivers. In addition to the problem of speeding, some drivers drive at a slow speed, but have their mind in a place other than on the road. Placing speed bumps on your street eliminates this problem as well. People's minds tend to doze off while driving because most of the side streets that people drive along are straight, plain, and bland; however, speed bumps have a tendency to "spice up" those sidestreets. It is comparable to eating one extra spicy wing in a large pile of wild ones; it sort of wakes you up and raises your alertness. Drivers that are more alert mean a safer neighbourhood with regards to speed bumps being involved.

Speed bumps may annoy some people that are in a rush, but the fact of the matter is that they promote a safer overall neighbourhood with regards to the dangers of driving within it. Sure, they may make that right hand turn into your driveway a little bit rough; however, you will feel safe in that you know your children can walk home from school without being in danger from other drivers.