This is so simple it is mostly forgotten by nearly everyone in business.

 It doesn't matter if you run a large business or you are just a single person operation..the principles are exactly the same.

Essentially all you have to do is this: When you have a customer for your business, trade or service you simply ask them to promote you! You can do this in a number of ways, but the best way is to just ask them this: "Thank you for using my service I appreciate your custom, could you refer me to your friends, family or business colleagues?..It would be a huge help to me"

This empowers your client and they nearly always say "YES". I always give out postcards to my customers and once they agree to promote me, I usually give them 3 extra postcards with my business details on. I then say this:

"That is great, thank you so much. If you could give these to 3 of your best friends/family/colleagues I would be grateful. If they order a service/job and quote your name, I will pop back and give you 10% of what ever the job was worth."

You should see their faces. They are amazed. Now, guess what I do? When I go back to drop off their commission (AND YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST) I give them some more cards to hand out!

It's a great win-win as they are promoting your business for free and as they have already used your service, they can field any questions that they get about how good you are. You will find by adopting this simple and free strategy that within a short space of time you could easily have half a dozen clients promoting your business for you and all you have to pay them for is if you get any work from their endeavours! 

Neat eh? I thought so! It works so well and it will work for you if you try it.

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Get this right and your business will run like a finely tuned engine.
It is very easy and obvious....but almost all businesses fail to do it.