Baby carrier

Babies like to be held and they like to be close to their Mommy.  Wearing your baby will help you get a lot of things done around the house and will help keep you sane.  Many people with new babies complain that they can't get any household work accomplished because their baby always wants to be held.  When you wear your baby, you will soon be amazed at all the things you can do now that you couldn't do before.

There are many different types of baby carriers available.  Soft structured carriers are my favorite because instead of straining the back, it places the weight of the baby right on the mother's hips.  It is important to find a carrier that doesn't strain your back.  The Lillebaby, Ergo, Mei Tei, Tula and Ring Slings are some of the most awesome carriers on the market.  While they do cost a bit of money up front, the resell value on all of these carriers is absolutely amazing.  Not only is the resell value great, but many of these carriers grow with your child, so you will be using them all for quite a long time.  Most of these carriers hold up to 35 pounds.  They also make Tula carriers for toddlers, so after they outgrow their baby carrier, you can upgrade and still back carry them.  Even though they still sell the Mei Tei and the Ergo carrier at Walmart and Target, they still are made with amazing quality.

Babywearing keeps you sane because of the amount of things you can do while your little one is close to you.  The things you can do while wearing your baby are pretty amazing.  Take your older kids to the park while you wear your baby.  You can also rake leaves, mow the yard, do laundry, wash dishes and clean up the house while babywearing.  Make sure that if you are bending down to pick something up that you squat instead of bending over with your back. You can even eat and make yourself lunch without your baby fussing.  I have seen some people go as far as work out while using a soft structured carrier.  Going for a brisk walk is definitely something that can be done to get you out of the house and keep you sane.

There is not much that you can't get done when he or she is this close to you.  It is awesome that it frees up your arms and gives you both more freedom.  Without a baby carrier it is possibly that you may go crazy from always needing to carrier your baby in your arms around the house.  I can see how a parent would never get anything done this way.

Both moms and dads can find it very beneficial to babywear.  Babies love to fall asleep in this position as well.  With practice, you can do a smooth transfer over to their crib once they fall asleep in their carrier.  Many older siblings love to practice babywearing as well.  The bond that this creates is simply amazing.  This is a great way for little siblings to look up to their older brothers or sisters.  Babywearing is an awesome way to stay sane while you are at home with your little one all day.