Firefighter Volunteer

Fire fighters belong to one of the most iconic American careers, and a lot of children, especially young boys, aspire to become a fireman at one point in their childhood. Fire fighters are often looked up to because of the nature of their work. They are the first persons to respond in any kind of emergency. Fire departments are essential to the safety of any community.

Fire departments can either be a public or private organization. They can also be staffed with career firefighters, volunteer firefighters, or a combination of both, depending on the jurisdiction and the size of the organization. Besides protecting and saving the population from the dangers of a fire, they also educate the community and respond to almost all emergencies, like vehicular accidents and medical emergencies.

There are many career paths that an aspiring firefighter can take to become a career firefighter. Completing college courses on firefighting and EMT training is the first step if you have aspirations for firefighting jobs. Becoming a volunteer firefighter is a great way to acquire real work experience and training to prepare you for a career in firefighting. 

Volunteer firefighters go through a training and fire-education seminar similar to a career firefighter. The only difference is that volunteer firefighters work on an on-call basis and the salary is based on the time spent working on the scene. Just like any other job, there are qualifications that you must meet before you can become eligible for a volunteer firefighter position. 

Volunteer firefighters must be in excellent physical condition and able to lift and carry heavy loads. Climbing ladders and stairs, and dragging hoses are all part of the job. The physical requirements of the job are important, because the firefighter will be performing these tasks while wearing a heavy full-body suit.

Volunteer firefighters must also be able to think and respond quickly, especially in dangerous situations. As a volunteer firefighter, you will also be required to respond to emergency calls from dispatch and report to the scene in a quick manner.

 Volunteer firefighters are also responsible for providing emergency medical services in the field, assisting with fire inspections, maintaining fire station equipment, and educating the community about the dangers, as well as the prevention of, fire emergencies.

Fire departments are looking for individuals who care about the community and are dedicated to make it a better place. Volunteer firefighter work is a great way to get you on track to a firefighter career. Volunteering can also speed up the process toward becoming a firefighter, because, when you work with your local fire department, they can help you get acquainted with the job. This can also give you first-hand experience and valuable insight to the kind of lifestyle for which you are signing up.

Volunteer firefighters can establish themselves in a fire department and will then often get permanent firefighter jobs. Firefighters that start their career as a volunteer firefighter are more successful, progress through the ranks faster, and have a long lasting firefighter career.