Having a boyfriend or girlfriend can be a lovely and amazing thing; however, the fact remains that being in a relationship opens up a strong opportunity for the person to gain weight. This article is in no way trying to prove that an individual's boyfriend or girlfriend makes them gain weight; it is however, trying to explain how the mental and physical events that surround being in a relationship open up this strong opportunity to gain weight.

There are 4 distinctive reasons why this opportunity for weight gain opens up: the "occasional" stress associated with being in a relationship, less of a desire to physically impress members of the other sex, unhealthier eating habits, and less physical activity. Alongside each of these weight gain factors runs a road less traveled in which an opportunity for weight loss and weight maintenance opens up. I will briefly explain how to counteract each of these factors with ones that will promote weight loss.

Well les face it, relationships are a beautiful thing, but it is inevitable that stress goes hand-in-hand with the beauty of a relationship. I can bet that anybody that is reading this and has ever been in a relationship before is nodding their head right now; the stress and beauty have a "you can't have one without the other" deal, both are needed for a successful relationship. On the nutritional note, stress can open a door to weight gain because it leads to things such as binge eating, pity eating, and bored eating. Although there is no direct solution to this factor, I would only suggest finding something to take your mind off of the stressful event/situation, which in turn will take your mind off of eating unhealthy foods. For instance, if you enjoy cars, go wash or work on your car; if you enjoy a sport, go play it! Try and avoid physically static activities such as watching television, or surfing the internet at all costs as these will take your mind off of the stress the least.

This next factor will vary depending on the individual, but once again will always be present in people. The moment a person enters a relationship their desire to physically impress members of the other sex decreases. Although the amount of decrease will vary between individuals, it will always be there. Once again like the previous factor, there is no direct solution to this; however, the one thing that I can suggest is to convert all of those desires to impress others, to desires to impress yourself. Realistically what guy does not want washboard abs, and what girl does not want tight curves; the key is to find out what the reason is that you want this, and alter it as much as possible to fit the physical desires for yourself intrinsically.

Unhealthier eating habits play the largest role in the opportunity for weight gain; however, they are also coincidentally the easiest to avoid. Two prime examples of this are the two most common excursions for boyfriends and girlfriends: going to watch a movie, and going out for dinner. Think back to the last time that you saw a couple eating something healthy in either of these two situations...nothing comes to mind right? That is because a lot of the times that couples go out they often find themselves eating flavoured or buttered popcorn at the movies, or pasta or a desert at a restaurant. The easiest alternative while still being able to eat: make the healthier meal choice! At the movies, it is just as easy to order unbuttered popcorn with a bottle of water, than buttered popcorn with a large Coca Cola. Out to dinner it is also just as easy to order a chicken salad and a frozen yogurt, than a plate of pasta and chocolate ice cream. The alternative to counteract this opportunity for weight gain is as simple as making a nutritionally healthier choice at the same excursions.

Less physical activity plays a significant role in the opportunity for weight gain simply because many of the things that couples do involve very little physical activity. The easiest way to counteract this trend is to incorporate some fun activities that involve physical effort into your nights out. For instance, if one person has a dog, the couple might take the dog for a long walk 2 or 3 nights per week; or if no dog is available, the couple might find a very scenic route and walk along it a few nights per week. Other examples might be incorporating things like walking or jogging with going to watch a movie by walking or jogging to the theatre; this can be done relatively easily depending on the distance of the theatre from the house.

Being in a relationship can be a beautiful thing, but it can also open up the opportunity for weight gain; however, if the trends are manipulated correctly, the individuals can easily maintain or even lose weight!