We all have jobs. We all could use a bit more of money. Heck - there is always a toy or more did or build or a new education or new security-parachutes. Or a new something that would be nice to have.

Whether there is a need or a want or just an opportunity to grow yourself. A little extra money, used properly, always helps.

And there are three main ways that our career aptitude test can help you get that way.

Do What Matters Most

If you got a pile of jobs on your desk and half of it is stuff that's not yours, then you don't need to be doing it. That is supposed to be handled by someone you work with or someone that is under your level of work. Don't do work that you are not best at.

Well, we need to delegate or we need to get the proper training to be more efficient at. As I know, I was been bored at by too many spreadsheets that have nothing to do with that I do.

And they would take the entire day to complete. And you know what, at the end of the day, I had to ask myself, "was it really worth it?"

I don't think so.

Do What You Are Good At And Train The Rest

Let’s build off right what we were just talking about way number 1 is that delegation is such an important factor.

I think that it has a nasty connotation to most people because they think it means 'voluntold,' where a manager comes by and drops a big stack of the jobs that need to get done.

Delegation is a good word and maybe it should be worth training at a more visible level. Or some other form of training (or terminology!) that's more useful.

It's just you simply doing what you know best and helping out other people that they are not good at and vice versa. It’s a big win and a win for the company, too.

Align Your Boss

Let's face it. Your boss does not know too much about daily time, daily work load, and how you would like things best. For instance, how you could be rewarded and recognized best. And all of these things that matter most to you.

Every boss doesn't know of these things. They can't. They need your help to do their job better. Your boss cannot do or work with these things to help you work better.

So talk to them - it's not gonna hurt.

You are professional, properly friendly, and if your boss is amenable to this type of conversation, you're okay to talk in just about any setting.

Or maybe it has to be performance appraisal. May be it just randomly could be in the hallway. Who knows. But if you get your boss got interested to know more and more about you and you know more about how he works, I guarantee that will help you get a raise.

Raise Your Career to the Next Level

So if you are looking for raise in your career, a career aptitude test can help by helping you do what you are good at, while training the rest that you aren't good at, and aligning with your boss.

Start working on your next raise and figure out what your career aptitudes are.