Let us discuss Amino Acids

They are the most essential, powerful and significant nutrients we can consume. However, modern medicine and society altogether, still haven’t grasped their power and importance. Are you aware that the body, excluding water, is 75% amino acids? Were you aware that every neurotransmitters, except one, are amino acids? Were you aware that 95 percent of hormones are amino acids? 100% of every protein is amino acids. Almost all of amino acids govern and get themselves involved in every chemical reaction in the body. There are many physicians who specialize in the treatment of chronic illnesses, similar to CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. The special testing which might be performed has revealed that amino acid deficiencies of 35 to 55 percent, typically, are in patients suffering with chronic illnesses. To put it differently, around 50 percent their dry body weight is metabolically unbalanced. When the deficient amino acids revealed by blood testing are replaced, illness and suffering are normally alleviated. Eighty percent of those people, whom that are treated with chronic illness nationwide, possess a very positive clinical response through Amino Acid Therapy. While many people are not disabled with chronic fatigue, we still experience exhaustion, feel drained in the evening, and want extra strength. Practically all of us can increase our energy through amino acid therapy. This is actually a universal approach. You do not need or have to be sick because of this approach will still benefit you. When we correct profound amino acid deficiencies, our bodies are able to cure itself and energy sky-rockets. It is recommended that replacing amino acids scientifically only after blood testing. Then again, it isn't recommended that individuals walk into a vitamin supplement store and ask for assistance in choosing amino acids. Without blood testing, it is impossible to accurately determine specific amino acid deficiencies, and you could also cause new deficiencies for the unhealthy ratio of supplements. Let's take a look at several amino acids and what they might do in the right ratios:

  • allergies - methionine
  • depression - s-adenosyl-methionine (SAMe)
  • heart disease - carnitine
  • GI problems - glutamine
  • high cholesterol - lysine/taurine
  • muscle weakness - leucine/isoleucine/valine
  • blood sugar problems - alanine
  • arthritis - histidine
  • insomnia - GABA
  • bipolar illness and epilepsy - taurine
  • mental exhaustion - tyrosine[544]

The twenty major amino acids, and hundreds of minor amino acids, are the building blocks of life. I like to call them the building blocks of healing. A scientific method of supplementation will improve your energy, vitality and wellness, and if you've got a chronic illness like CFS, the probability of a very good clinical response are fantastic.[545]