Somebody bumped into my car that I had for eight years and they totally demolished it to bits. I was just so disappointed after all of this. As a matter of fact, I was so disappointed I had no idea which towing company to pick when they showed up.

Of course, as a distressed person that just got in an accident, I just went with the first towing company that offered himself to me and took my car away. Well, I really, really wish I had taken the time, even if it was only an hour, to search on my phone for a little bit of feedback or something. It turns out that the company I 'chose' was the absolute worst, horrible, back-handed towing company that I could have ever picked. Oops!

This towing company was the utter pits and guess what? Plenty of people were willing to tell me that fact if I had just been more willing to ask ahead of time. Well, the same kind of thing applies for auto body repair, too. When you do just a little bit of research upfront, then you might be able to avoid a nightmare later. Let’s talk a little bit more about that.

Check Reviews Online And The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Sure, sure I know you’ve seen this advice everywhere, but this is a good first step. Pop over to the BBB website, that’s the Better Business Bureau, and see is the auto body repair company is listed. What kind of results do they have on there? Do you agree with the feedback on the site or does it looks like a bunch of spam?

No, I’m not saying the BBB is the best place to look but it’s a good start. Also, sometimes you’ll see reviews that are listed on Google local pages. Other similar sites that review the particular service you’re looking for are also a good choice. There should be a ton of reviews and comments on these types of car repairs as this is a big area for emotional confrontation.

Check The Cars In The Parking Lot

If you see 800 cars out there in the repair shop parking lot stacked on top of each other and it doesn't look like there has been any progress on them, then there might be a problem. This is especially true if you have time to scope out the place a week or two in advance and see if there is any movement in the cars.

It's then when you might decide that either this place is getting cars abandoned on them a lot for some reason or maybe their prices are getting too high. It's also possible they might not be able to handle the workload or any other number of things that would make your overall experience a pain.

Do your own surveillance upfront and then ask the people inside the shop why these cars are here for so long? Ask why they’re not moving? Really dig down and find what’s going on with this situation? Please bug them until you get a better understanding of the overall way the shop works. Look to see what their response is as there is probably a lot that you can learn from it.

Check What Reputable Wreckers Recommend

Any good wrecker company out there will know exactly which automobile repair shops are worth anything. For instance, I know for a fact the wrecker guys that I found down the street after the incident were awesome. I asked them a little bit more about the bad wrecker company and they were very willing to tell me all kinds of stories about how the bad company was not doing things the best way they could.

They also had recommendations on reputable body shops, shops they like to work with that were reasonably priced and had good connections with dealerships. These are all very important things to consider. It was such a great shortcut to go with someone who deals with the shops that do great work on a daily basis.

Take The Shortcut And Find The Best Shops

If you’re looking to watch out for auto body repair scams and nightmares, check online reviews in BBB, check the cars in the shop parking lot and see what’s going on, and check those companies in-the-know, like wreckers that go.

Do these things and you too might be spared a nightmare. Google search a few auto body repair shops in your area and see what reviews you can find. Doing research ahead of time is always a good idea.