Bankruptcy is often used an assessment tool when hiring an individual for any job. If you have ever filed for bankruptcy, it proves that you have been quite irresponsible in handling finances.
Employers usually feel reluctant to offer jobs to those individuals who demand employment after getting bankrupt. Being bankrupt brings even an experienced man on a level of a fresh graduate, who doesn't have any experience in the applied field and is often turned down for this reason.

Getting a job after claiming bankruptcy can be quite a challenge for many people. In fact, when any person applies for a job, he/she is usually screened by the potential employer to verify clean credit records. The reason for practice is obvious. A person who failed to handle his/her own finances cannot be easily trusted to perform well for the profitability of any business.

Keep in mind that bankruptcy is not a curse in any way. It is just an unfortunate condition that you will have to bear with. Try and accept the fact that this is not the end of the world. In many cases, bankruptcy alone is unlikely to prevent anybody from getting a job. It is just that being bankrupt can lower your preference level for an employer, who will most likely hire somebody with a better credit rating. Even though you cannot do much about the situation, there are in fact a few guidelines that you may follow to prove your worth in front of any prospective employer.

1. You need to be honest. You got bankrupt, not arrested for some heinous crime. Try and talk to your potential employers about the whole issue and assure them that you aren't a terminally irresponsible person.

2. You must mention everything that is included in your credit report. Come up with some explanation as to why such a thing occurred with you. There might be a chance that you end up convincing the employer and winning his/her trust for the available job.
3. Let your employer know what you can do for the betterment of the company in case they choose to hire you. Tell them that you have been a victim of circumstances and that you have learned a great deal from your mistakes.

4. You may ask your employer to hire you on contract initially. Your employers can offer you a permanent job once they feel satisfied with your performance. Set goals for yourself and bring these goals to the knowledge of the company. Honesty is the best policy in such situations.

5. Apply for those jobs that do not require any financial skills from you.Fortunately, many companies are ready to hire people even with lower credit ratings. They acknowledge the fact that there can be countless reasons behind bankruptcy and irresponsibility in nature of a particular person is not the only thing that leads to bankruptcy. For instance, illness, accident, loss of a loved one or divorce can often become a cause for bankruptcy.