Can Cadillac Mats Increase My Company's Revenue?

In a word, yes! Many different types of business require employees to be standing for some part of their day and walking back and forth over the same surfaces for a good portion of the day, too. If your company happens to have a functional industrial warehouse to handle inventory and shipping, for instance, you definitely have a number of employees that are regularly moving back and forth over the same floor surfaces, possibly pivoting and turning as they're lifting and retrieving various objects. This seemingly normal working situation is in fact ripe with the potential to lose your company lots of money. This is because at anytime, your employees could trip while carrying a heavy load and damage company goods, injure themselves and others, and/or damage company property. If your flooring turns out to fail to meet OSHA standards for a safe working environment, you could be held liable for damages and injuries in addition to the lost work time and damaged property. This is why cadillac mats are so revered by the companies and workers that already use and trust them.

Cadillac mats are specially designed industrial floor mats that are available in a variety of thicknesses. Cadillac mats can even be custom ordered to fit any particular customer's specifications. If you happen to have an extremely long but narrow walkway that you want covered and protected, you can have custom made cadillac mats shipped to your workplace within 10 days! These special floor mats are well known by their users for their extremely pillowy softness - they feel as though you're walking on air. This sponginess reduces tension and strain in the feet, knees, legs and backs of busy workers that repeatedly traverse the same walkways or turn and pivot constantly in the course of their duties to load and unload product.

Cadillac mats, although spongy are also entirely designed with workplace safety in mind, and ultimately this will save your company money and increase your business's revenue. That's because cadillac floor mats are comfortable and springy for the comfort and health of their users, but also non-slip for the health and safety of your company's bottom line. Non-slip industrial quality floor mats mean that no employee is going to accidentally lose their balance when their heavy workboots catch a one of the risen nubs on regular industrial floor mats. The raised portions of many normal industrial floor mats are actually harmful to workplace safety because they cause hapless workers to snag their footwear as they tread on their top surfaces. This can be disastrous, especially for someone carrying a heavy or expensive load. Cadillac mats, on the other hand, are totally smooth and shear on their top surfaces, which eliminates any and all chances of snagging your footwear on any part of the mat. Once you've felt cadillac mats and experienced their comfort and grip, you'll want to carpet your entire workplace with them!