Think for a moment about the most important document or file you have on your computer.  Is it a special family portrait of the people you love most?  Is it a complex spreadsheet that you relied on for years to complete your tasks at work?  Is it an irreplaceable set of e-mails or treasured memories?  

How would you feel if suddenly, without warning, all of these irreplaceable documents and treasured memories were gone?  Sometimes, after hours of searching for a process you can take to recover your data, nothing works and your data is still lost.

However, the situation is probably less grim than you think.  A competent data recovery specialist can often recover files that seem to be gone forever.  Data recovery experts use a variety of tools and techniques depending on your specific situation, but their expertise often results in smiling faces and recovered data.

How can a data recovery expert help you when your data recovery seems impossible?  A reputable data recovery specialist offers seven benefits that can make all the difference for you:

1. A free consultation

Any data recovery expert worth their salt will offer you an initial conversation and consultation for free.  During this initial assessment, a technician will look at your situation carefully to determine the best course of action for your individual predicament.  Steer clear of any data recovery service that doesn't offer you this consultation for free.  A data recovery specialist who's confident in his services will be happy to take a look and give you an estimate at no charge.

2. File system recovery

In some cases, your operating system is not reparable and must be reinstalled.  Unfortunately, many technicians quickly fall back to this position after an initial assessment.  But a skilled data recovery expert digs deeper and has more tools at his disposal.  Sometimes, in addition to recovering your files, he can emerge from his work with the operating system repaired.  This saves you from having to reinstall all of your programs and re-establish the settings you prefer for each program.

3. Fast results

Experienced technicians with the proper tools can often recover your data in less than 72 hours.  Your life doesn't wait for your computer to get fixed.  You need those files for organizing your life, completing your work and living your life well.  The perfect data recovery specialist will offer a quick turnaround time as well as a successful recovery.  Keep in mind that some jobs are more complex than others and require more time.  Often, however, a quick turnaround gets you back to your life quickly with the recovered files intact.

4. Peace of Mind

When your computer crashes, the last thing you need is more to worry about.  A data recovery expert worth his salt will put your mind at ease from the first consultation, displaying expertise in a manner that develops your trust and confidence in him.  The sophisticated, cutting-edge tools and in the trenches experience that a data recovery expert brings to your situation provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing you're in the hands of someone that can rescue your data safely and successfully.

5. Confidentiality

During the initial consultation, a trustworthy data recovery specialist will assure you that all data recovered is confidential.  This is important if you have sensitive information on your computer.  You don't want to trust your sensitive data to just anyone, but a reputable data recovery company will reassure you about your privacy without you having to ask them.

Stay away from any data recovery company that fails to mention about your confidentiality up front.  There are many experienced data recovery experts that will charge you a competitive rate and assure your privacy at the same time.  Therefore, there's no need to trust your sensitive data with someone who doesn't consider your privacy to be their top priority.

6. Time Savings

If your computer data is lost, chances are good that the process of recovering data will be time-consuming.  Your life is hectic, and you may not have hours to spend in front of the computer frantically searching for the tools and expertise to do it yourself.  With the amount of stress you are under at the thought of losing your important files forever, the process can take even longer because you're not thinking clearly.  A skilled data recovery specialist can save you loads of time and stress by getting the job done right and freeing you up to live your life.

7. Money Savings

A skilled data recovery expert has probably spent years in the trenches, uncovering every unique computer data loss situation.  It would take years of your life and thousands of dollars to gather this experience yourself.

Data recovery experts also use state-of-the-art facilities such as clean rooms as well as tools to attempt to recover your data in a number of different ways.  This is what gives them such a high success rate.  These tools could cost you thousands of dollars.  Compared to the fee your data recovery technician will charge, you'll save a bundle while giving yourself the best chance of successfully retrieving your data.

If you've recently experienced a hard drive or other computer failure that has taken your valuable files with it, consider hiring an experienced data recovery specialist that can save you time and money while providing you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your computer is in good hands.