Across the globe, trolleys and carts are used to provide convenience to shoppers, especially when they are using escalators. They would not need to carry their heavy groceries and transfer them to the escalator because the trolleys can already do the job. However, there has been an increasing rate of injuries recently, each resulting from escalator trolley accidents.

The following are said to be the most common causes of escalator trolley accidents:

  • Trolley design defects –Many escalator trolley accidents happen when trolleys fail to stay in just one part of the escalator.

  • Poor parental guidance – When a child is with the shopper, he should never take his eyes off him.

  • Insufficient training to shopping employees – Employees should always be available whenever a shopper needs assistance in transporting goods.

Reports say that injuries resulting from escalator trolley accidents include broken limbs, head, and neck injuries. To totally prevent such accidents from happening, the shopping center administrator, manufacturer and consumers should all work together. The following are the responsibilities that each group should practice in order to make the shopping place a safer place for everybody:

Shopping center administrator

  • Sufficient information and assistance should be present and available to all customers.

  • Deploy employees to assist senior and pregnant shoppers, and consumers who have children.

  • Trolleys should be placed in an area accessible to consumers.

Trolley manufacturer and building contractor

  • All trolleys should pass certain standards and requirements.

  • Trolley straps should not be elastic.

  • Trolleys should be transported by a licensed and well-maintained vehicle.

  • Trolley wheels should be specially designed to fit in the grooves of the escalator floor.

  • Make sure that escalators are maintained in order for them to work properly.

  • Identify possible hazards that may cause injury.

  • Escalators should have magnets to hold the trolleys in place.

  • Safety instructions, an emergency stop button, and handrail speed sensors should be installed when constructing escalators.


  • Return trolleys to designated areas.

  • Remove any rubbish from the trolleys.

  • If a consumer finds a faulty trolley, he should immediately notify shopping center employees.

  • Maintain a tight supervision of children.

  • Use trolleys for their designated purpose.

Escalator trolley accidents are some of the most common types of accidents that happen in malls and shopping centers. And because almost every American goes shopping, everybody should be aware how to prevent such accidents from taking place.