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The ability to affect millions is something that several people strive for, although the tactics used can be questionable. Is it possible to have a positive influence over millions without the customary drama?

1. Align with people who affect millions

Make a list of people you know, or know of, who reach millions of people daily. Take note of their habits and actions then incorporate these habits and actions into your life. Taking baby steps in the direction you want to go will get you there faster than just wishing you had something you don’t have now.

2. Share your talent

Make a list of your talents and then find people and places in the community that can use your abilities. If you sing you can cheer those who are unable to go to a live concert, if you are artistic, volunteer to teach a class or donate your art to the community. The more you share your talents the more people will be aware of it and potentially be influenced by it.

3. Make life easier

We are surrounded by conveniences, which make life easier. It’s usually the simple things like lids on the bottom of ketchup bottles and wheels on luggage, which makes so much sense that we forget there was a time when they didn’t exist. If you can find a way to make a common task easier, then you are well on your way to influencing millions.

4. Make life safer

Despite all the safety measures which keep us and our loved ones safe, there are still dangers lurking in unexpected ways. Danger is not limited to physical danger, and if you see where there is a flaw in your armor, then it is likely that several others have the identical vulnerability. When you find a healthy way to safeguard your weakness then you can help others do the same thus influencing others.

5. Solve a problem

Problems are a constant and problem solvers aren’t nearly as prevalent. If you are having trouble finding problems to solve listen to people who say, I do not like it when I have to this, do I have to do this, or this is irritating, and then you can start your mental wheels turning to find a solution. When you are a problem solver then it is easy to influence millions because your suggestions work.

6. Make life fun

If you can show me a way to add a dash of fun to my life, I will do whatever you say. Having fun is relative of course, but if you tell me a funny joke, I’m going to pass it on, if you tell me about your weekend at a spa, and I see how relaxed you are, then I am more likely to take your advice and book my appointment. When you are the guru of fun, it will be easy to get others to join you in the pursuit.

Influencing millions is easier than it appears, you don’t have to try out for a reality television show, or berate those who already have influence. Follow these easy steps and gain a following of clever and fun people to influence.