Applying For Section 8 Benefits Online

Yes, it is possible to apply for section 8 online. Section 8 applications are handled through your local HUD office, but some of those offices do allow you to fill out an online application. Slowly but surely, the government's local offices are getting online and making it easier for you to apply for section 8 housing vouchers electronically.  Not all local HUD offices have made this option available to their citizens, but despite what you may read online, you CAN apply for section 8 housing vouchers online in certain states. 

You should NEVER have to pay for applying to a section 8 program. So if you are on a website that is not affiliated with the government and they are asking for payment just so you can get a list of local HUD offices that accept section 8 online applications, you should leave that website.  Section 8 application is free whether it is done in a local office or whether it is done online.  You can find out the information you need from the government websites, so you should not have to pay anyone to get that information for you.


What Is Section 8 or HUD's Housing Voucher Program?

For those who have a hard time keeping a roof over their heads either because they don't make enough money or don't have a job, there is section 8, officially called the HUD Housing Voucher Program.  The HUD Housing Voucher Program or section 8 is  a federal housing assistance program that helps those who want to rent an apartment or own a home and are consider low-income individuals. Section 8 has been typically known for helping low-income individuals pay for apartments.  However, the Section 8 program has been changed to include help for first time homeowners with an income of at least $10,300 and a steady employment history to help pay their mortgage. These vouchers are called "home owner vouchers," and are also administered through your local public housing office.

How Do I Qualify To Apply For Section 8?

In order to qualify for the HUD Housing Voucher Program, you have to prove that you are low income.  This is done usually from tax records.  Your local Section 8 Office will give you all the information you need to know how to qualify for section 8 housing.  Usually, if you fall below 50 percent of your local area's median income, and can prove that, you can qualify. However, check with you local HUD office for official details.



So How Do I Apply For Section 8 Housing Vouchers Online?

It has and IS taking the government a while to come up to modern times and put things online.  Whatever the reason why all HUD Housing Voucher Programs in each state are not online, it really lies with the state and local offices.  There are some local HUD Housing Voucher Programs that are online.  Those who want to apply for section 8 in Montana, can do so directly online because they have made the process electronic. Since each state moderates it's own website, you have to visit the local HUD Housing Choice Voucher website for your state to see if their Section 8 housing program has been updated to accept online or electronic applications.