Get More Done

Be more productive by living life vibrantly

People who want to achieve, those of us who yearn for success, are constantly asking themselves How can I be more productive? At the end of our time on earth we may ask ourselves Did I live powerfully? Did I live vibrantly? Was I true to myself? Did I matter? Did I make a difference? Getting more done and increasing productivity is the key to living life to the full, reaching our goals and ultimately being able to answer 'yes' to all of those questions.

Productivity(97589)Credit: MorguefileBe more productive with a shift in mindset

There are thousands of tools and tricks to increase our output, but it is essential to begin with the right mindset. In order to be more productive, we must feel fully engaged in our daily lives. We must feel alive. It's important to note that this feeling of vibrancy is only ever really reached when we we are achieving our potential. Remember, nothing worth doing is easy. We may spend time ticking off items on a TO DO list, but if they are meaningless, there will be no real sense of fulfilment.

Secrets of highly productive people

To help us live with this sense of achievement and vibrancy, and ultimately be more productive, it is necessary to emulate the world's highest performers in their outlook and practises. So what is it that these super-productive people have in common? From his research, Brandon Burchard (author of The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive), identifies six key areas of knowledge. These are the six things that all highly motivated, highly productive people know.

1, Presence

Presence is the ability to become fully invested in the moment, to engage with your mind, body and soul in the now. There are a great many distractions in modern life and we tend to become pre-occupied with the past and the future. Eckhart Tolle explores this notion brilliantly in his book The Power of Now. Although he states that if we live fully in the now, we are unconcerned with material achievements, one thing that distinguishes the most powerful people in the world is their ability to fully engage with the present moment. This not only allows a push and pull of energy and electricity between them and others, it allows them to be more productive. They are focused on their current goal and those people who are helping them get there. If we tune out on a regular basis, people can sense this and tune out from us.

Ask yourself this question every day: What level of physical energy and emotional vibrancy am I at today?

Actually give yourself a score from 1-10. If you feel you are at a low level, allow your brain to take charge and engage in the situation. If you ask yourself this question regularly, you will start to live closer to level 10 and activate more presence.

You don't need energy drinks to increase your productivity and get more done, you need greater presence.

One way to focus your mind and achieve presence is through mindfulness meditation.

2, Truth

High performers are always searching for their truth; what is it that makes them unique and able to be highly productive on a daily basis? They display a curiosity about what makes the mind work and trigger certain patterns of behaviour. How can they manipulate their mindset to create the greatest quality of life for themselves and their loved ones?

If we have no direction, there is no congruity to our lives. Happiness and contentment are achieved by knowing who we are and being true to that.

Ask yourself this question every day: Am I being true to myself?

How do we know what our truth is? Choose three words that define who you are as a person and three words that define how you would like to interact with others. The first three words are your Personal Identity and might be ENTHUSIASTIC (meaning optimistic and energised), BRAVE (willing to stretch yourself) and PRESENT (as discussed above). The second three words are your Social Identity and might be CARING (do people sense that I care about them?), INSPIRING (do I lift the energy levels of others?) and ENGAGED (am I giving all of my energy to the people I am working with?).

If we don't define these identities, we feel aimless. If we remind ourselves of our identity on a daily basis, our thoughts and psychology start to revolve around it. Productive, successful people have a clear perception of self and they live by it.

Living with personal authenticity is explored further in this article.

Sleeping man(97590)Credit: Morguefile3, Body

Powerful people and those who find it easy to produce more, understand how to use their bodies. They have strength, energy and stamina, and are aware of the importance of fuelling their bodies. If we are always tired, we tend to forget to care for ourselves. It's difficult to achieve our goals if we aren't physically fit; we don't have the energy to deal with challenges.

High performance relies on a sustained level of energy and engagement. Highly productive achievers rarely suffer from peaks and troughs in energy levels.

Two really important keys to achieving this state are being rested and hydrated.

Ask yourself this question every day: Am I rested and hydrated?

It may seem over-simplistic, and yes, there is more to being at your peak physically than drinking more water and getting enough sleep, but these two things will go a long way to helping you increase productivity.

Ensure you are getting 7-8 hours of sustained sleep every night and drink lots of water during the day (Brendon Burchard recommends 6 litres a day). Remember that headaches and periods of low energy are often caused by de-hydration. So don't reach for the coffee or the can of pop, reach for the water bottle.

4, Prioritising

You can be more productive by prioritising; focus on the things you need to do to achieve your big goal. We spend so much time ticking off petty items on a TO DO list and avoiding the big challenges; normally they are the very things we should be focusing our time on.

It's vital to give yourself a task that excites you and lights you up, that can sustain your energy for the day.

Ask yourself this question every day: What must I accomplish today to move forward?

Everything else in your life must work around that mission. Don't start by pandering to the needs of your inbox; these are other people's demands. Be a bit selfish. Set out a block of time to accomplish your daily mission and schedule everything else around it.

5, Persuasion

All highly successful people know the power of persuasion. We must develop the skills needed to influence others if we are to be more productive. The highest performers achieve a lot because they are able to engage large groups of people. The way to do this boils down to one key trick; show bold, unwavering passion and enthusiasm for what you are doing.

Ask yourself this question every day: Am I demonstrating bold enthusiasm?

The key to influencing others is to show excitement and momentum. Be a leader. Demonstrate that you are willing to push the status quo, that you have enthusiasm for the future and the present, and connect with others. It is vital that we don't simply feel enthusiastic, we must actively demonstrate it.

Here are some detailed tips on becoming more influential.

6, Purpose

Most importantly, to be more productive, we must have a solid starting point. Purpose is the foundation on which all the other keys to achieving more on a daily basis are built. Purpose gives our lives meaning. If we focus on our purpose every day, we create more engagement with life, more fulfilment and ultimately a feeling of being fully alive.

Ask yourself this question every day: How can I serve purposefully today?

This will inspire you to look outside of yourself and search for purpose on a wider scale. It will allow you to focus on the greater community and your contribution to that community.
What are your goals? Are they meaningful to who you are. Ensure that your purpose is derived from a true sense of self, and not a projection of yourself created by others or from a need to impress others.

What have you got to lose by implementing the 6 keys to being more productive? try them for a couple of weeks, and see if you notice a difference in the quantity and, more importantly, the quality of your output.