Building your own wine rack is a great art. Many people consider wine as nectar of the Gods made of fresh Grape juice. The juice is fermented in special casks for some days. The process and tradition is same from thousands of years. This wine is available in many types and qualities. Different prices for different quality wines are readily available in the market. Varieties of wine include chardonnay, cabernet, champagne, pinot noir, shiraz, merlot, Riesling and zinfandel are the few. Some people consume wine at room temperature and some consume at chilled temperature. Wine lovers often keep the stack of wine types in their own wine racks as their collection. They consume the collection at intervals keeping them at proper temperature and in correct type of glass. These wine racks help the wine lovers to protect wine bottles from unnecessary movement, temperature, light and heat.

If you strongly wish to build your own wine rack, you can opt wood, plastic or metal to prepare it. You can configure the racks in number of ways. According to the space in your room, you should have to build it with enough building skills. The rack should meet your personal accomplishment to the fullest extent. Your investment on wine bottles will be safe if you could build a wine rack for yourself. You can plan for a custom designed or copied model of wine rack plan. In supply stores, you can find number of models and materials needed to build it. You can even follow internet to build a best type of wine rack to store all your wine bottles. Some plans are free and downloadable for further reference. From six bottles to two racks, you can keep your wine bottles in your own wine rack. Decorative wall mounted racks not only give purpose but also seem attractive in your room.

Before planning to build your own wine rack, you should first consider the type of rack that will sit in your home perfectly. Quantity of bottles it holds and design of the rack forms secondary. Small size racks with limited holding capacity can be mounted on a wall or on a counter top. According to your home's décor, you can find exciting designs that suits your room cabinetry. Some people build racks which are strictly utilitarian which are meant for maximum utilization of storage capacity. Some people build racks to store each bottle individually. Some people store in a specific shape to meet their long term storage needs. Majority of people think that a modular stackable wine rack is best for meeting utility and decorative purpose. Several skills and tools are necessary to build your own wine rack. Wooden wine racks are best as everybody can build by adding a little effort to the wood. Simple, basic tools likes hammer and screwdriver and kits shall be kept ready to assemble a wine rack.

To build your own wine rack, first try to draw a plan or a pattern to be used as templates for cutting the wood. Measurements and diagrams shall be clear to understand and follow accordingly. Materials prescribed by the carpenter and tools shall be kept ready. You can purchase all the materials at your local hardware stores. Firstly, the wood shall be properly dried without any moisture left in it. The wood can be selected from beech, cherry, fir, oak, maple or cedar trees. Softwoods are easier to work with than hardwoods. Wine rack building process includes selection of particular type of wine rack design and materials for building process. Some basic steps are involved to transfer the design on the paper on to the wood. Measure the measurements accurately for cutting the wood in to the pieces.

To build your own wine rack, firstly cut the wood. You should start with the cross rails and end panels. These cross rails will hold the bottles perfectly. Drill the wood at necessary points before hand. Use screws to hold the rack perfectly. Construct the frame first. Some wine racks stand on notches. Cross rails shall be prepared to lock the supporting elements with screws and bolts. Ensure that the connections should be tight to ensure the safety of the wine bottles. They should be stable and safe in the wine rack. Now starts cutting out the wine bottle supports. Racks that contain arches, circles or holes that carry individual bottles are space consuming. If you have enough space in your room, you can prepare such arches for the neck and bottle which are smaller and larger in size respectively. Sand the wood until it becomes smooth and finished.

After completion of assembling all the wooden parts for wooden wine rack, it is important to paint it perfectly. You can opt for paint, tung oil or stain. It is suggestible to have a top for your rack as you can utilize it for serving. Top of your wine rack shall be painted with polyurethane that can protect the surface to a maximum extent. Apply the coats of paints liberally and wipe off the excess with a neat and clean cloth. Allow it to dry for few hours. When the rack is completely dried up, you can start utilizing it for storing all your choice wine bottles. Your wine bottles become safe and allow you to enjoy at special occasions. Simply stacking the wine bottles is not the purpose. Pulling a special drop of wine with ease is very important. Individual bottles shall be kept close to each other to come out easily without much strain. You can even change your book case in to wine rack by fitting short sections of pipe in to the ordinary case. Actually modifying a book case is very easy than building a new own wine rack.

Collecting, stacking and utilizing the wine bottles of your collection are the three important things to consider before building a wine rack. Rather than finding all these efforts, it is very easy to find the best online wine selling websites to find your favorite branded wine. You can order it online as and when you wish. Within a few days, your wine bottle will be at your home without much strain. has a great collection of wine racks. No matter, what type of wine rack you are looking for, you could easily find that at Go ahead and buy one now.