Health insurance is a necessity. As the price of attaining insurance rises, Rhode Island residents can feel reasonably reluctant and intimidated by the influx of choices. Luckily, the Rhode Island OHIC has been established to help residents with this apprehension, and the rest of the application process is very straightforward.

Step #1

Visit the Rhode Island OHIC

Visiting the website for Rhode Island’s Office of Health Insurance Commissioner (OHIC) is a great first step in determining options for health coverage. Their mission, according to their website, is “to broaden the accountability of health insurers operating in the state of Rhode Island.” Obtaining health insurance will become easier when utilizing all of the protection and resources at hand, and OHIC is dedicated to both protecting consumers and improving the quality of health care in Rhode Island. The resources available here will make it simpler to find the right insurance carriers.

Step #2

Check Out OHIC

Either via the OHIC website or the sites of the carriers directly, ask about various plans and prices from each carrier. Keep in mind what specific benefits you’ll need, as many plans often offer limited benefits that seem attractive financially, but can leave customers with expensive health bills in the event of an emergency. If the information from the insurance companies themselves is a bit confusing or unclear, speak with a licensed health insurance agent in your area. Their experience and knowledge may help streamline this daunting task.

Step #3


Once satisfied with a specific insurance company, submit an application for health insurance. Be as thorough as possible in your application to avoid any delays, and list any and all pre-existing conditions—it will only speed up the processing of your application. Note that pregnancy may be classified as a pre-existing condition in Rhode Island. All genetic details, however, cannot. Rhode Island health insurance providers can always deny coverage based on health problems, and can limit coverage as they see fit. For more information on these insurance regulations, contact the Rhode Island Insurance Department.

Step #4


Since Rhode Island insurance companies will not deposit any payments until application acceptance and customer confirmation, it is a good idea to include a payment for the first month’s premium when applying. The insurance carrier may choose to rate-up the premium, which means they can increase the premium after going over the application and identifying any particular medical risks or undisclosed information. They have this right, as well as the right to decline the application. However, including the payment is a smart move that will inspire confidence on the part of the insurance company.

Taking advantage of Rhode Island’s resources for assistance in purchasing health insurance is the most important step in beginning to locate the proper insurance provider. After that, the application process is a simple one, even if some of the details can seem tricky at times. The important thing to remember is that help is available. Applying for health insurance is a simple task, as long as it is done with full disclosure and a good attention to detail.