Do you constantly find yourself thinking, "How can I declutter my house"? A lot of folks do and there are a number of things you can do to declutter your house. Stop procrastinating and be on your way to a clutter-free home using the following tips.

Things You Will Need

File cabinet
File folders
Garbage bags

Step 1

Declutter My House Part 1: Paperwork

Throw away any loose papers lying around that you don't need. If you do find papers that you really do need, file them in file folders by month (or year) and organize the file folders into a file cabinet drawer or some kind of file organizer folder.

Step 2

Declutter My House Part 2: Clothing

Use 3 bins or boxes and write "To Sell", "To Donate" and "To Toss" on each of them. Go through any clothing that hasn't been worn in over 6 months (besides seasonal items) and decide whether you want to sell, donate or toss and place it in the associated bin.

Step 3

Declutter My House Part 3: Everything Else

Now, gather any other clutter that doesn't consist of clothing or paperwork and find a place for it. Don't be afraid to use garbage bags. A lot of people just seem to be afraid of throwing things away - they feel like they'll "need" an item sometime in the future. If you haven't even seen the item in over a year, or have forgotten you even have it, it could mean that it would do just as well being tossed in the garbage.
Decluttering your house really won't take you that long to do, you just need to get started. You need to organize the things that you do need to keep and not be afraid to throw away, donate, or even sell the things that you don't need.

Tips & Warnings

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