In the United States, there are many nationally (and global) recognized charitable non profit organizations that have maintained decades of impeccable reputation when it comes to doing good for others. Such organizations include the Salvation Army, the United Way, and Goodwill Industries, and through these organizations, a charitable furniture pickup donation can be made. 

As the 7th populous city in the United States, with well over 5,400,000+ people, Miami Florida does entertain a vast presence of charitable non profit organizations such as those mentioned in the previous paragraph of this Info Barrel article. While some organizations may not have the means to arrange a donation pickup, the Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries, in particular, do offer this arrangement by which anyone who is hoping donate furniture can at no expense to themselves. Ultimately, dependent upon which organization you donate your furniture to, you furniture will either be completely given to those who are in need of it most, or it will be sold at a place like a Salvation Army thrift store. When your furniture donations are sold, this occurrence essentially helps to generate funds that are used to forward the mission and goals of the organization. 

For the Salvation Army, funds are typically directed towards the advancement of drug abuse treatment programs. For Goodwill Industries, funds generated typically go towards funding activities such as after school programs and job training. To those who decide to generously donate furniture in Miami, Florida, you can rest assured that your donations will be used in order to best serve the underprivileged in your neighboring community.


Things You Will Need

  • Old used furniture


Step 1

Assessing the condition and serviceability of your furniture should be the first step in order to see if your furniture is, in fact, suitable for a furniture pickup donation. Generally speaking, the condition of your furniture will fall somewhere on a spectrum ranging from very high quality to very low quality. While no one will expect for your furniture to look like brand new, it should have maintained a degree of integrity in its condition that can be used by others. Pieces of furniture are expected to go through a natural process of wear and tear, but, excessive cracks in wood or rips in fabric or upholstery may make your potential furniture donation something that others may not be able to functionally use either.

When properly assessing your furniture, it does help to remember that there is a human somewhere in the world who will ultimately take receipt of it. While you may want to just get rid of it, you do also have to bear in mind that, if you furniture is in very bad shape, that it may best serve everyone involved to have it disposed of at your local landfill. This is not the type of furniture that you want to be donating in Miami.

Step 2

If you have quite a few furniture donations that you would make all at one time for donation pickup, you may want to consider creating a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet in order to keep track of all the pieces of furniture, as well as, the general condition that they are being donated in. If one particular piece of furniture has a noticeable blemish, such as a scrape on the leg or a minor rip in fabric, you can take note of that flaw or deficiency. Such information can easily be passed on, via phone call, to the organization that you hope to donate to. If the deficiency will present an issue with donation, they should tell you, however you can also seek out this information yourself.

Step 3

Oftentimes, your furniture may not necessarily be in bad shape, however, it may be in need of a good cleaning. Wood polish, along with a multi-purpose cleaner, may do wonders in helping to make an old piece of furniture look much more clean and presentable. If you have identified any deficiencies or flaws, rather than give up hope for donating, you can instead sew up ripped fabric or mend a broken chair leg. On your spreadsheet, be sure to include any fixes that you made in order to bring your furniture up to a level that you believe will be suitable for donation. When you contact an organization, you can then convey to them that you made effort to repair these deficiencies.

Step 4

In Miami, Florida, as mentioned previously, there are a variety of completely credible non profitable organizations of which you can contact to donate furniture. These organizations, such as the Salvation Army, the United Way, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and Goodwill Industries, also have online website presences by which contact information can be found. With similar mission statements and goals, and that is to help those who are need, you will find that each of these organizations would make a great recipient of your furniture donations.

Step 5

The Salvation Army and Goodwill Industries do, in fact, offer a furniture pickup donation service that has proven to be very beneficial to those who hope to donate. Arrangements can be made easily by simply contacting them, through a phone number that can be found on their respective websites. When you make arrangements for them to arrive to pickup your furniture, be sure that you schedule them to arrive at a time where you will actually be home. It does no one any good, and ultimately wastes time and gas miles, if workers show up to conduct a donation pickup only to find that no one is available to allow them inside your house. Taking this consideration is the kind and proper thing to do.

Making a donation of furniture can be a great, admirable, way to accomplishing many goals at once. Not only can you relieve yourself of furniture they you may otherwise not need or want, but your charitable furniture donations can also greatly help your surrounding community. With a burgeoning city of millions of people, there are certainly quite a few needy or underprivileged people and families who could be put your donation to good use once it reaches their hands.

Tips & Warnings

Staging your furniture donations, near the entrance of your home, can really help to expedite the process for workers to take possession of your furniture. Rather than stumble around obstacles that may (or may not) be in their way enroute to a room that has furniture in it, doing this can really help these workers out alot. Unfortunately, dependent upon who you are and your means to move furniture, you may not be able to by yourself. Enlisting the help of family members, or even friends and neighbors, can greatly ease the process of donation pickup.